Wines Wines Wines!!!

Savor Wine Boutique is located in Kirkwood and has been a hit since they launched.  They are know for hosting wine tastings weekly and will feature a certain region each time.  Once you enter you feel the authenticity of fine wines that are reasonably priced.  From Merlot to Chianti, Savor has it all.


Several wines from South Africa were featured this day and I had the opportunity to learn so much about the soil that the grapes were grown in to the type of climate and rainfall that is needed to produce a great grape.  Riebeek cellars are located in the Cape Province of South Africa.  The growing of these particular grapes dates back more than 350 years.11745635_753741128081347_4228397040921615176_n Savor is not only know for its tastings, but also for carrying a Vegan Wine.  So lets see, what makes a wine Vegan?  Traditionally, a fining agent called casein (a milk protein), albumin (egg whites), gelatin(animal protein), and isinglass(fish bladder protein) are in all wines that we drink.  These agents are known as processing aids.  Knowing this alone will make you reach for the bottle of Vegan wine from now on.  Looking for this particular win?  Well look no further because Savor has them. 12549113_829606037161522_1937931263184195953_n




Overall I had an amazing time and would recommend you to checking out what Savor Wine Boutique has to offer……


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