Cheeses of Europe

French Cheese? Oui!
Ever traveled to France?  Well today I had the pleasure of sampling many delicious Cheeses of Europe.

Isigny SteMere, Magnifique,&  President, are just some of the brands of the magnificent cheeses that tantalized the pallets of many this evening.  Cheeses of Europe was gracious to host a wonderful event of many cheeses from many different regions of France.  With my love for cheese preventing my transition from vegetarian to vegan, you may be able to understand why this was so exciting for me. 

  My journey began in northern France where I was introduced to this beauty.  Mimolette (mee moh LET) which gets it beautiful bright color of orange by adding natural annatto.  Mimolette was originally introduced by Louis XIV in the 17th century.  This fragrant and flavorful cheese just happened to be a great first start for me.  I enjoyed the firmness of this expressive cheese and was told that it melts well when using it in a grilled cheese sandwich.


Now it was time to try the Camembert (KAH mun BARE).  This soft yet buttery cheese reminded me a lot of Brie (BREE).  This is a cheese that has been handcrafted also in the northern region of France where all of the cows are treated like royalty.  This is what contributes to the rich, creamy, buttery texture and taste.

dsc_0453  Now that I have had the pleasure of introducing my palate to such great tasting cheesed, it’s time to cleanse the palate with some great wines which I might say paired well with the cheeses that were present.


Now it’s time to mention my favorite of the entire line up.  President’s Sea Salt Butter.  This butter was crafted with Sea Salt Crystals and pairs  well with crackers or maybe a baguette.  This butter originates in Normandy France, with a skillful blending of cream and sea salt crystals.

20160915_224057  In the end, I decided that Mimolette and the Sea Salt Butter were definitely my favorites and was able to take them home in a wonderful bag that also had a great cheese board from Cheeses of Europe!

20160915_185343-11  Many thanks to Cheeses of Europe and their exceptional team of cheese experts on showing me what amazing cheeses France has to offer.  I really enjoyed this experience and it was a pleasure sharing it with you.  Please take the time to visit @cheesesofeurope, Cheesesof, find some of your favorite cheeses on fb FACEBOOK.COM/ISIGNY.US, @ISIGNY.AMERICA, WWW.ISIGNYAMERICA.COM.  Also take a look at some great recipes courtesy of Saint Agur, Saint Albray, and ILE de FRANCE under the recipe tag on this site.

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