Special Cocktails

So we all love Cheesecake factory for the great food and the enormous portions, but I tend to love them for their fantastic cocktails as well.  With an array of drinks to choose from, I tend to lean more to the Whisky and/or Bourbon drinks.  I love a Classic Old Fashioned, but there are so many other options.  Having the opportunity to choose from the Modern Old Fashion, California Whiskey Sour  that has a splash of white wine added, Whisky Smash that has passion fruit and other goodies, I decided on the Bourbon and Honey.  This drink  packed a punch while leaving you with a sweet taste of orange blossom honey and adding major flavor with a fresh sprig of Thyme.  For all of you Bourbon/Whiskey drinkers out there, there is definitely something that will tantalize cheesecake factory drinkyour tastebuds on the menu.

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