Off to the Races…… Kentucky Derby Style

DSC_0107 (2)The Kentucky Derby is considered a very big deal in Louisville, but apparently it is equally a big deal here in Atlanta.  Livingston’s Restaurant and Bar hosted a Kentucky Derby event that was festive and exciting.  Amongst the big hats and high heels were Sear Sucker suits and derby hats.  DSC_0111 (2)DSC_0110 (2)



Bourbon created by Four Roses was poured throughout the day, and there were Mint Juleps to be had along with Perisols which were my personal favorites.  Being a huge fan of a good aged Bourbon, you can only imagine what was in store for all when we found out that Four Roses would be hosting this event.  Four Roses is known for being the signature Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby.DSC_0104 (2)


Sitting and watching all of the beautiful ladies come in with hats adorned with anything from feathers to the largest flowers you have ever seen on a hat.  Passing trays of Stuffed Baby Bellas with Creamed Spinach and Mint Juleps GALORE!  As I sat and listened to the DJ play tunes from the 80’s I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the weather was on this day as I stepped out onto the terrace of the Historical Georgian Terrace Hotel.  DSC_0105 (2)

This was a fundraiser for wounded Veterans and there were silent auctions and a raffle to raise money to build and provide homes for Veterans across the country.  Raffle tickets were sold and there were many great prizes to give, one being an extremely expensive bottle of Woodford Reserve Aged Bourbon.

Soon wr would find ourselves watching the big race of the evening.  Lots of betting onDSC_0113 (2) names like McCracken would be shouted out amongst the excited crowd in anticipation on who was to take the lead in the muddy race that was going on.  As members of the ATLFBS gathered for pictures on the terrace, we kept the Mint Juleps coming and continued to feast on the Beef Sattay and Mini Quiche that were being served in rounds. Young ladies in bright blue dresses would continue to offer samples of Perisol’s and we would continue to nod with a yes please.DSC_0106 (2)

As the evening came to a close, I would be reminded of how important it is to come together to enjoy a traditional horse race while raising money for those who are a little less fortunate like our wounded veterans.  My love and appreciation goes out to all of those who have and continue to serve for our country and who put their lives on the line so that we may live a better life.  I will definitely make it a point to attend this wonderful event next year with my big hat in tow.18268225_1217710231684432_4321881489189674842_n

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