Einstein’s is located in the heart of midtown Atlanta at 1077 Juniper St.  I am on a mission to use every coupon in my Passbook prior to its expiration.  I have so far enjoyed several different restaurants with friends and family, and they all seem to be places that have not been before.

Let me take to you to Einstein’s, where the patio is a great hang out to people watch and take in the scenery of downtown Atlanta.  I decided to try out a Sunday evening to see what would be happening.  I have been told that the atmosphere and the crowd are always energetic and lively.  19029324_1251094261679362_5606149576864628942_n

My guest and I take a seat out on the patio and there is a lot of chatter going on.  Lots of people had the same idea and that was to enjoy the cool breeze that the Atlanta weather treated us to that evening.  I would start out with a Deep Eddy Martini.  The Southern Peach that would tickle my taste buds with peach vodka, pineapple juice and fresh squeezed limes.

I thought that a sandwich would be a great option and as I browse the menu, I stumble across a Lobster BLT, hold the “B” please…….  19059900_1251094175012704_2028612139862179759_nIt would be adorned with arugula, tomato, and a cracked mustard burre blanc, and the Lobster would be deep-fried in buttermilk,  HEAVEN…….  I would also have a side of sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes.

I have to say that each and every bite was delightful and I would definitely do it all over again.  I am thinking a Sunday brunch with some friends would be nice.

Please whenever in the area or if you are just in search of a great Martini and some good vittles, Einstein’s is the spot to go to .


I was not paid to review this establishment or to  post this blog……….






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