Twelve Eighty Inspired Dining

Twelve Eighty and the Woodruff Arts Center has a hidden treasure nestled next to the Alliance Theatre.  Surrounded by windows which give you a bird’s eye view of all of the guest that are arriving and leaving the museum, the restaurant is a great place to dine and watch.

We arrive to the chatter of happy guest at their tables which is always a good sign.19366329_1260905104031611_1700553573166704417_n  I am seated and immediately served a cocktail.  We will start with the Pom Collins.  A fragrant drink that has Tito’s Vodka, Pama Liquer, House-made Sour Mix,19366509_1260787840710004_4339142055840418173_n Simple, Mint, and Pomegranate Seeds.  With it being the first day of summer, this was the perfect start to what was to come.

We would start with an Heirloom Tomato Panzanella, crushed fresh Buratta, Heirloom Tomatoes, Red and Yellow Peppers, Caper Berry, Pickled Red Onion, Cucumber and a tangy Vinaigrette. Full of flavor and color, this salad was fresh with all of the veggies of summer.

What’s this?  Another cocktail!  The Left Coast Negroni, served in a short, rounded glass filled with Aviation Gin, Giffard Pamplemousse, Grand Poppy, & Bittercube Jamaica19396699_1260904987364956_1347167292802853870_nn Bitters.  Light in flavor with the right hint of citrus.  I see myself enjoying this cocktail after a long hard day on the patio.


Crispy Calamari will arrive next followed by a Seared Ahi Tuna Nicoise.  There is nothing better than to have a great cut of Tuna seared to perfection.  Encrusted in spices, the Tuna will 19399186_1261383710650417_1967753593166595581_nbe joined with Field Greens, B19366486_1260904297365025_705080748116833752_nlistered Grape Tomatoes, Radish, Peruvian & Fingerling potatoes, Green Beans, an Olive Pesto, & a Lemon Vinaigrette to create the perfect balance of everything that is happening on this plate.


The wonderful servers will now serve the signature drink of the restaurant.  The Twelve Eighty Cocktail19366521_1260905027364952_6800091208962323166_n Atlanta’s own Old Fourth Ward distilled Vodka, St. Germaine, Aperol, Lemon, Orange Bitters, topped off with a splash of soda.  As I converse with others at the table about this refreshing drink, we all agree that this is definitely a drink for breakfast or brunch.  Sparkling, with a citrus feel would trump a Mimosa any day.


The salads here have made a great impression on me along with everything else that we have had a chance to sample thus far, we now are graced with yet another salad.  The Twelve Eighty Peachtree.19275068_1260904637364991_3484807658440270186_n  Baby Arugula, Herbed Chevre, Spiced Pistachios, Dried Cherries, and a Citrus dressing.  The slightly bitter dried cherries and the spiced pistachios give this salad just the right amount of texture to enjoy a slight crunch.







Red wine and White wine Sangria are now on the table with small bits of freshly cut fruit dancing around to the tune of Agave Nectar, Basil, & Mint.   Ummmmm, delicious.19396682_1260904880698300_5958475925937283579_n

“Classical” Porchini Pappardelle, and Eggplant Parmasean Stack will take the stage now.  The light and fluffy Pappardelle delicately swirl themselves around the 19248086_1260904544031667_6778043240844650959_nPorchini mushrooms accompanied by shaved Zuchinni and Grape Tomatoes.  The Eggplant will be breaded and flash fried to perfection while the Zuchinni and Yellow Squash take a sneak peek from down under.


Farm fresh vegetables, Potato and Lima Bean Succotash will marry the Seared Salmon Steak that is all dressed up in a Brown Butter Balsamic Galze.19424310_1260904340698354_8333223992940705354_n


Now for the grand finale, the pastry chef will come and introduce his beautiful creations.  What a sight to take in, Lemon Cheesecake drizzled with a Raspberry Coulis, A Creme Brulee with fresh summer berries and a Mini Butter Pecan Bunt Cake topped with freshly cut strawberries.



To sum all of this up, this has yet been another great outing of wonderful food and cocktails.  Cheers19274930_1260785430710245_3874180036713511521_n to ATLFBS, Twelve Eighty Inspired Dining, The Woodruff Arts Center, Chef de Cuisine Andreas Z. Georgakopoulos, and Pastry Chef Derrell Lawery.


I recommend stopping in for a salad or maybe cocktails the next time you are out enjoying an exhibit at the High Museum or visiting the Alliance theatre.  The food so elegantly designed to please any palate and the cocktails expertly mixed to tantalize you senses.



You can follow Twelve Eighty on FB @TwelveEighty & The Woodruff Arts Center on IG @thewoodruffartscenter





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