Smoke Ring

The Culinary Fight Club, Pitmaster Throwdown was held at the Smoke Ring, and what an event.  19420643_1261645817290873_6926337939078761235_n

There was a sea of vegetables, beef, pork, and herbs & spices on a table for the Chefs to choose from.  They would have a total of 2 minutes to choose ingredients and head out to the covered patio to let the grilling begin.



All of the gust would wait inside the restaurant and enjoy cold beers that 19424281_1266119233510198_7367750399915317146_nwould be served to those who were given drink tickets upon arrival.  Chatting it up with fellow bloggers and meeting new people.  Taking in all of the aromas from the grills outside.  An hour would go by and the Chefaree would continue the updates on what was taking place over all of the smoke and hot plates.


It’s now time for the judging.  There was a panel of 3 judges who would all individually be given a plate from each Chef contestant.  Bloggers would gather around to get that perfect picture of the beautiful cuts of meat along with their creative sides.  Once the panel finished, the guest would crowd around the patio to get a sample of what we all waited so patiently for.

Due to my not being a meat eater, my lovely friend whom I brought along in tow would let me know her opinion on the cuts of meat while I took in all the flavors of the sides.






What a fun outing with tons of culinary energy.  The winner would now be announced and the crowd would disperse.

chef Jarvis Belton would take home the trophy for an outstanding dish…..19437475_1266119676843487_1219945201724440919_n


Many thanks to the Smoke Ring and Culinary Fight Club for yet another amazing event to be had by all of you meat eaters out there……….

You can find more information about the Smoke Ring and what they have to offer at



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