SPROUTS Woodstock Grand Opening

Welcome to the Grand Opening of yet another SPROUTS Farmers Market in Woodstock GA.  What a pleasure it was to be amongst the buzz and excited new customers.  I walked into a market of color and wonder.  Everything from the bakery to the produce was like a picturesque scene from a movie set.  You could see the joy on everyone’s face as they browsed the isles.

If you have never had the pleasure to visit a SPROUTS Farmers Market, please make it a point to find one in your area.  You will find that the prices a low and that the food is of highest quality.

We are here for our very own private tour.  There are only four of us including myself .  We start at the entrance to the market and head over to the baked goods.  We now travel

to where all of the prepared foods are.  Deli wraps, stuffed potatoes, grilled veggies & Pasta.  You name it, they have it.  I am so pleased with all of the vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options that they offer.

As our guide struggles to talk over the crowd, we find ourselves in the vineyards of the store.  Surrounded by whites, reds and rose’s, the wine section has something even for those that are the faint at heart in the wine department.sprouts white wine

I look ahead and I see a sea of reds, greens, & yellows, all of the hues that mother nature created herself.

Tomatoes plump and round, apples that look as crisp as a winters morning, and veggies that are so green and fresh.  I notice that the market has a wide

variety of their own grown produce as well as other goods.  Bagged Slaw and Peppers for stuffing.  Prepared stuffed mushrooms in 5 different varieties.  Don’t have time to cook a five course meal, well SPROUTS has you covered.


I feel the temperature drop slightly and we are now in the dairy section next to the frozen foods.  So much to choose from.  Non-dairy, Kaffir, Yogurt, and much, much more.  There are cheeses that are vegan as well as your everyday cheddar.

The frozen foods would give us more gluten-free options and an array of vegan and vegetarian foods that you will not find elsewhere.

We are now in the health food section where you will find vitamins, protein shakes , supplements, powders, & energy bars.  Waters of every flavor, along with teas and natural and organic juices.

sprouts health

Bulk foods is where you will find all of your dried fruits, sprouts oatsgrains, and seeds thatsprouts bulk food you can weigh out to exactly how much you may need.  The store will even provide samples in this section when requested.

sprouts sign 2

Our tour has come to an end and we are now invited to a food demo that will be given by one of SPROUTS registered dietary nutritionist.  Gifts will be given and received by the guest that decide to partake in the demo.  Large green bags with SPROUTS goodies inside will be in the seat that we take.  Marisa Moore will lead the demonstration of watermelon salad with black berries and feta.  There is a raffle going on for more gifts to be had while Marisa whips up tasty and healthy summer snacks.

This wonderful experience must come to an end but my friendship with SPROUTS will continue to grow as I have many more visits to come.

Many thanks to the SPROUTS team and to ATLFBS for putting this together.  I am always in the market for healthy food and to raise awareness for those transitioning to a healthier lifestyle………..

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  1. carmical says:

    Great post Rochelle! As always, I loved seeing you! And I NEVER grow tired of my favorite place.


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