Vino Venue New Menu Tasting

Vino Venue located in Dunwoody GA is a great place to commune as well as receive more knowledge about wines around the world.  This quaint and warm atmosphere is so welcoming as soon as you open the door.

We have been invited to taste several things on the new menu.  We are seated at a high top table adorned with wine glasses and plates.  There are several patrons here that look as if they could be regulars.  I scan the room and see a wide variety of wines that are chilled as well as stored to the rear of the restaurant.

We are soon introduced to the Executive Chef Patric Good and his Sous Chef Will Hunt,  Rob Van Leer will present us with the first bottle of sparkling wine.  It would be a Brut, “Etoile”,  filled with crisp fruity notes and endless bubbles.  Mr. Van Leer would give us the history behind this wine from birth to table. DSC_0583 (2)




Two items will arrive from the kitchen for us to enjoy with the Brut.  Fried Green Beans and Fried Pig Skins.  Being a Pescatarian, I will forgo the Pig Skins and immediately DSC_0530 (2)indulge in the Fried Green Beans.  Lightly breaded to perfection with a hint of a spicy peppery taste that would soon compliment the sparkling wine.fried green beans

We now have a Wild Mushroom Flat Bread in front of us.  Fontina and Parmigiano-Reggiano will cover the wild mushrooms like a blanket of flavor with the Truffle Creme Fraiche to assist in all of this buttery flavor.  A pairing of a 2012 Caneros Chardonnay will DSC_0536 (2)be poured for tasting.  Not a fan of Chardonnay, this wine was a pleasant surprise.  So smooth with not a hint of bitterness to be found.  definitely a keeper…..

wild mushroom flatbread



Many more items would grace the table which consist of different proteins that are not safe for my consumption but are amazing to see.

Faux Pouttine: Steak Fries, Pulled Beef Short Rib, with a demi glace made from Lamb and Beef

Roasted Piquillo Peppers: Shredded Adobo Chicken, Cotija Cheese, Cilantro, and a Cilantro Creampiquillo peppers

Grilled Ribeye: horseradish mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, and maitre D butterbeef

The Vino Venue Burger: Certified Angus Beef, comeback sauce, LTO, & pickles

vino venue burger




Now it’s time for the salads.  A great Summer Salad is always a crowd pleaser.  This salad filled with mixed greens, chilled corn, heirloom tomatoes, field peas, topped with a buttermilk dressing.  So clean and fresh as if all of the ingredients were picked straight from the garden that day.  A farm to table kind of feel…..

The Heirloom Tomato Burrata Salad would create an Italian feel with the rich and creamy Burrata added to the sweet heirloom tomatoes topped with balsamic pearls.


A dry Rose will be paired with the salads and whats to come.  As Rose’s are becoming more popular in the wine world,  we are told that Rose’s get their beautiful color from bassthe skin of the grapes.  Some Rose’s appear to be a little darker pinks than others and the end result is how long the wine has been exposed to the skin of the grape……

DSC_0549 (2)

A Knife and Fork Egg Sandwich has arrived.  Why is it called Knife and Fork you ask?  Well the size of this sandwich is enormous.  A triple-decker sandwich layered with over medium eggs, pimento cheese, tomato jam, bibb lettuce, and red onion.  A show stopper to be had by all.  Ratatouille decided to join in the festivities with its silky yet buttery Pappardelle pasta, ricotta, & arugula pesto.  I can see this dish becoming more popular as we go into the fall months.  Such a comfort food.

Now it’s time to be spoiled by four decadent deserts.  Lavender Creme Brulee, covered with roasted blueberries.  Dark Chocolate Pot De Creme touched by sugar-coated raspberries.  Key Lime Pie with whipped mascarpone cheese, and a coconut graham crust.  And last but surely not least, Tres Leches Cake with strawberries.


Overall this evening was filled with laughter amongst friends old and new, amazing food prepared with skilled hands, wine that was paired to perfection, and something to look forward to revisiting……

Vino Venue is a place for all to experience.  If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur like myself, then I would highly recommend taking a trip to Dunwoody and including some family and friends on this adventure.  Indulge in a wine class or take part in becoming a member of the wine club.  Schedule a class with Chef Melissa Hass and meet the staff.  So welcoming with open arms and there to help you enjoy you culinary experience.

Many thanks to the Vino Venue staff for making this happen and picking us to do it with.  Thank you Executive Chef Good and your partner Sous Chef Hunt.  Many thanks to the line cooks Demetrius Harper & Julius Manning who made sure that all of the food was presented flawlessly and I can’t forget Manager/Partner Rob Van Leer for presenting us with some amazing wines and to all of the servers that night, again, Thank You!line cooks


You can follow all the creative events of Vino Venue on:


Twitter @vinovenueatl

Intagram Vino Venue

Located at 4478 Chambly Dunwoody Road Dunwoody ,GA 30338







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