Eclectic Bistro & Bar

Nestled in a tiny corner next to a dry cleaners, don’t blink because you will miss it.  Located at 1425 Peachtree Ave NE Atlanta, Eclectic Bistro and Bar is a place to go to for American Contemporary dining brought to you by Chef Justin Caldarella.

The menu consists of Small Bites, Salads, Gourmet Sandwiches, Pastas, a variety of Entres, and of course, deserts.

As I flipped through the pages of my Atlanta’s Fine Dining Passbook, I thought I would try Eclectic.  Having dinner on a Saturday night with a close friend I quite often have to find a place that will cater to my pescatarian needs as well as the needs of my carnivore friends. I took a look at the menu prior to my arrival.

I arrive at the restaurant and notice that the outer parts don’t lend credit to the inside ambiance.  Once you are through the front entrance immediately ahead of you is a small bar that would seat about 10 people. To the right of the entrance is the dining area with several tables to seat 2 and about 6 tables that would accommodate parties with four or more.

Me and my guest are lead into the dining area and we are seated at a table for four.  There are two other parties here dining to which the party of two were headed out after we were seated.  I begin to think that for a Saturday night there aren’t many people here.  From what I am used to seeing and that is the buzz of many people talking while dining and enjoying their night out on the town in the heart of Atlanta.

There was a different kind of feel to this restaurant.  There was pleasant music playing in the background while my friend and I decide on what to eat.  I had fond memories of the Eclectic Musscles that could be found under the entre’s on the menu that I had a chance 20621269_1307599846028803_1094272876057731683_nto preview prior to my arrival.  I proceed to order just to be told that they were out of the Musscles.  You can only imagine my disappointment with not having much to choose from anyway.  I scan over the menu for a second time and decide on the Herbed Grilled Salmon that would lie on a bed of Lemon-Mushroom Risotto and a Roasted Red Pepper Coulis.  My friend would choose the Crispy Chicken Schnitzel.20622072_1307599866028801_2417401058290828399_n

After the server finished with our order, I asked if the restaurant offered any drink specials.  The server looked quite surprised that I would ask and told me that they have never offered drink specials but that there are beers on tap, in a bottle, or if I was in the mood for a glass of wine to take a look at the elaborate wine menu.

I would go with a Chianti and my friend would start with a cocktail.  The Kings Summer Cup would arrive in its summary glory.  This cocktail consists of Vodka, Pineapple Juice, and a Mango Puree.  20621196_1307599836028804_3331234286795388874_n

We have finished our dinner and find that we are the only two in the entire restaurant.  As we converse and finish our cocktails, I notice that the music has stopped.  This is odd, it is now eight PM there is no way that the establishment is closing.  I ask the waiter what exactly happened to the music?  His response was that it should be back on shortly.

Overall the service not so bad, the food great, the atmosphere, POOR.  As I think more about this experience, I’m not so sure that I will be back for another visit……..

Disclosure:  This was a restaurant review and I was not paid or pursuaded in any way to write this review.

You can find more information about Eclectic Bistro & Bar on

FB  @EclecticBistroBar

Twitter  eclecticbistroatlanta

1425 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta GA 30309


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