Culinary Fight Fest 2017

Welcome to yet another tasty and exciting food fight that involved 7 Chefs with 7 different dishes that they featured.  Join me as I take you on this delicious tour of Culinary Genius as the battle begins.  We are given 4 wooden chips to place in the appropriate box that co-insides with the dish that we enjoyed the most and at the end of tasting, 4 chefs will be chosen to move onto the finals…… Good luck guys…..DSC_0720

Many thanks to the King Plow Arts Center for hosting this exhilarating event.  All chefs on deck with their art being plated.  There was everything from Deviled Eggs to Chilean Sea Bass, Deserts that were constructed right before your eyes and Mac & Cheese with treasures of the sea involved.  As I browse the virtual menu, I take notice to the display of Chilean Sea Bass first that has a blanket of fresh grilled vegetables around it.  Under a heat lamp to keep it nice and toasty for the spectators.  I sample a small piece telling myself that I need to make room for all that’s to come and I can’t help but to first devour all of the grilled veggies and then I dig into the Sea Bass when I realize that one bite is not enough.

I was anxious to see all of the Chefs that were there but a little disappointed to only see one female.  Once I spotted her, I glance at her table to see a display of Deviled Eggs with a tiny shrimp on top.  I asked her to please explain what she had going on here, and as she begun to explain the composition of her dish, I couldn’t help but to be a taken back when she said that she smoked the entire egg prior to making the Deviled Egg itself.  I took a small bite and at once, all of the smokey goodness of this egg engulfed my mouth and had my taste buds asking for more………

I make my way over to the table that seemed to have quite an audience, and upon my arrival I know why.  Chef Jarvis is up to his old tricks.  This guy loves fire and composition.  Construction is his thing.  He seems to be in love with creating his masterpieces right in front of his audience.  Today we will be treated to a desert that has a lot of bacon and fire to blaze by its side.  There will be a cookie, a slice of bacon that will be candied, some bourbon ect…….


It is now time to reveal who the tasters choice winners are, the four finalist are picked and I am happy to see the Chef that I gave 3 of my chips to make it to the next round.  we will now go into another room that is set up with 4 stations that will have a gas hot plate, a mystery basket of ingredients, a variety of seasonings, as well as a cut of beef.  I notice as the Chefs prepare their stations that many have brought some things of their own to step it up a notch.

The Chef-a-ree will begin to explain the rules and tell the contestants how much time they will have to prepare their dishes.  DSC_0703The judges take their seats and to the left of them are 4 more lucky winners of the raffle that took place earlier for a drawing to sit and be the first to sample the finalist dishes.DSC_0695  The D.J. has the music playing, all of the spectators are gathering around the stations to get a sneak peak of all the happenings.  Soon nothing but great smells will permeate the air as the clock ticks.  The Chefs only have 30 minutes to create the masterpiece that will win them the title. DSC_0701 Chefs and Sous Chefs look nervous as well as anxious. I see dry ice, river rocks, and pressure cookers.  I can’t wait to see what these guys have up their sleeves.

Time is up, all plating should be done and now the Chefs will have to serve the judges.  I look on as each judge takes a sample of the dish that is placed before them and as I DSC_0707watch, I do my best to make a call just from the look on their faces.  It is impossible to know what they are thinking at this moment.  The Chef-a-ree talks to each one after each Chef presents each plate and the comments were across the board great.

It is now time to announce the runners up as well as the Grand Prize Winner.  And Chef Josh Reeves will take home the Grand prize…….. DSC_0733



As I look around all of the Chefs tonight were winners.  They all did an amazing job with presentation and showmanship.  Congrats to you all.  I look forward to the next competition coming up in October where local chefs will show off their Seafood cooking skills.  Until next time, I want to thank the King Plow Arts Center, Culinary Fight Club, Brasstown Beef & Gracious Gatherings Catering Co. DJ Entertainment by Spectrum Entertainment

20% of all Culinary Fight Club event proceeds benefit feeding the hungry non-profit – Fight2Feed, a Charitable Organization on a mission to “KO” hunger One Block at a Time.



I was not paid nor persuaded to write about this event.  All word used are my own…..


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