WAHOO Grill Wine Shop Decatur…….

Welcome to the Wahoo Grill’s Wine Shop.  Located in the heart of downtown Decatur in a quaint little spot on College Ave.  I was invited by Culinary Local to sip, taste, and give my honest opinion about the featured wine for the day.20170826_161634


I walk into the shop which is a tiny little cluster of wines, olive oils, infused salts, and much much more…..  I take a quick look around to observe the many wine cultures that this shop had to offer.  Everything from sweet reds to Chilean wines.


It’s time to learn more about tonight’s featured wines.  They have brought out wines from Sonoma California.  Timber Crest Vineyards would showcase a Cuve, Grenache Rose, and a Sauvignon Blanc all from the year 2016.  There was cheese and some meats availble to pair with the wines.  We begin to taste the wines and soon would be told that the owners of Wahoo are currently in California at the Kokomo vineyard and that we will be live with them as well as the vineyard owner to have a Q&A.

we are now in Sonoma Valley and the Timber Crest Vineyard is absolutely beautiful.  We take a virtual walk down where the grapes are grown and we learn about when they are ready to be picked, the color that indicates when they are ready to be picked.  We learn more about the wines that we are tasting tonight and the different times of the year that each wine will have a grape harvested.  20170826_161917

I now have a chance to look around a little more and what is catching my eye tonight are the Rose’s.  As we approach the Fall season, Rose’s are becoming more prevalent.  I have learned that Rose’s are very versatile and that they pair with almost any dish. I purchase my Rose and some gifts for friends.  I chat a little more with the presenters as the tasting comes to an end.



Be sure to stop by Wahoo Grill’s Wine shop whenever in the Downtown Decatur area.  Smell great aroma’s, taste amazing wines and meet the owners……..20170826_163053

Many thanks to Culinary Local, Wahoo Grill and the owners of the Wine shop for an amazing night………


Disclosure: I was not paid to write this article and all opinions are my own……



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