City Barbeque Celebrates Their First Location In Atlanta……

City Barbeque is well known in many places but is quite new to Atlanta.  A media event was held to introduce the wonderfull selection of prime cuts of meats and delectable sides.  Once I arrive in the parking lot, the smell of the 3 smokers permeate the air.  I walk in to be greeted by the bright smiling face of Cierra Moore, the regional marketing manager.  The establishment is new and everything is shiny.  Although I am not a conivoire, I am excited to sample the sides as well as the desserts.

There is a table set up with every dish that they offer.  Everything from prime rib, to a 1/2 of a chicken.  Frank Pizzo the director of training shows us to the tables that prepare us for what’s to come.  He bigins to talk about the history of City Barbeque and how they began with a small establishment and how they has to re-purpose many things to make this idea of having a local barbeque place to go to. 21905438_10155175816139401_885955887_n

We are guided to the drink bar that will offer Lemonaide, Sweet Tea, as well as an unsweetened Tea.  We head back to our tables and we find hush puppies fresh from the fryer.  Hot and delicious.  It is now time for a tour of the restaurant.

We walk to the back and arrive at the walk in fridge.  This is where they house all of the things that have been prepped in anticipation of what’s to come.  Everything from cole slaw, to baked beans.  I see racks of ribs rubbbed down, cuts of prime rib ready to be slowly cooked till the meat falls of the bone, and jars of condiments that are used to create special sauces.

We arrive at the 3 smokers that are constantly watched to ensure that every cut of meat that passes through the doors get the special attention needed to create perfection each time.  We are given a tutorial on how the rub is delivered to the slabs of ribs that they cook every day and night.

As we near the end of our tour, we stop by the carving station and notice that they have Pork Butt ready to be pulled and sampled.  I watch as eveyones mouth begins to water, waiting21740687_10155166201034401_8574924570619273267_n with baited breath to get a small sample of what looks like heaven on a bone.  The carver takes both hands as he begins to squeeze the meat, and as you know it just falls apart as if it got specific instructions on what to do after being taken from the 21752091_10155166201174401_8303701360642802502_nsmoker and having a chance to rest.  Fries are pulled from the deep fryer and given to us to taste.  Hot yet delicious, we all anciously eat them and make our mouthes suffer from the intense heat…….  We head outside to be introduced to the smokers that make all the magic happen.  Each smoker is a different size and hold different sizes of wood.


It is now time to sit and enjoy all of the entres that will be brought to our tables.  We will start wit21903772_10155175813809401_352829627_nh 1/2 chicken.  Grilled slowly and golden brown served with a side of corn pudding & Baked beans which is to die for.  The corn pudding moist and buttery with a subtle sweetness to it.  Next an entire rack of ribs comes out followed by red skinned potatoe salad and collards.  As I prepare to get 21919127_10155175820209401_1600233564_na shot of the ribs, I gently attempt to pull them apart halfway and notice that no matter what bone I touch, they all seem to fall out.  Now that is some tru barbeque slow cooked tenderness.  Turkey Breast and Sausage would grace us with their pressence next.  The turkey breast seasoned lightly with a simple salt & pepper duo.  Last ut certainly not least, dessert comes out and it’s bananna pudding that is topped with City Barbeque’s homemade whipped cream.21912751_10155175811244401_1765198991_n

We pack up all of our goodies and yes I took home lots of meat to share with my neighbors.  I had a great time and would reccomend anyone who is in the neighborhood to stop by and know that all you have to do is follow the great smell of the 3 smokers that are working very hard to provide the most tender cuts of meats for all that enter……

Many thanks to Frank Pizzo; direcror of training

Regional Marketing Manager Cierra Moore

General Manager Bryan Cannon

Assistant General Manager Arthur Sway

Assistant General Manager Michael Westhafer

Regional Catering Director Marnielle Manderville

Disclosure, I was not paid to cover this event and all words that are used, are my own…..

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