Cape Dutch…….

Cape Dutch, a South African influence.  Everything from decor to food to the amazing wines.  This little building looks a little desolate from the front until you enter through the doors and walk into a South African wonderland.  The lounge area with dimmed lights and plush furniture a great place to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail while waiting for a table.  All of the decor of the restaurant soft and inviting.

We are there to celebrate an African tradition of Braai.  A tradition that takes place with the community where everyone sits around a table to eat, drink, and communeDSC_0825.  We are seated at a beautiful table dressed to perfection.  The wine continues to pour and we drink and talk with other bloggers.  The Restaurant owner Justin Anthony has been very busy these days with running additional restaurants like Biltong Bar in Ponce City Market.  He greets the table with a warm and welcoming smile and proceeds to educate us on the renovation of the restaurant and what’s to come to the table soon.  Prior to the delectable dished arriving, we are guided on a tour by the General Manager Mitch Flowers.

As we walk to other areas of the establishment, I am reminded of being home.  As we browse through various private rooms we see amazing light fixtures as well as artwork DSC_0819that is done by the owners wife.  She is the designer of the restaurant and she definitely has an eye for culture.  We head out to the newly DSC_0835renovated patio that has a breathtaking view of the Downtown Atlanta skyline.  Plush seating and ceiling fans to keep you cool on well-known hot Atlanta days.  I am so impressed with everything I see.  This is a go to for an intimate private dinner or if you just want to enjoy some great food with friends or family, the Cape Dutch family will make it happen.

It is now time to return to the table to have our first course waiting.  A Charcuterie Board beautifully arranged with cranberry and walnut crackers, crostini, caperberry,

peppadew, tomato and ginger chutney, Manchego cheese, Chevre, Toscana Salami, St. Andre Camembert, Spicy Coppa, Swiss Gruyere, & a pate……..  We indulged in creamy chesses, savory pate’s, and crispy sweet crackers.

Next the Braai South African Wood Fire Grilled Branzino would arrive partnered with its DSC_0840Jalapeno sauce, followed by the Braai Burger and the Peri Peri Chicken breast sliced with all its tenderness exposed.  Pommes Frites are traditionally served with this type of dish golden and delicious.  While savoring all that Chef Philippe has created, he takes a moment to stop by the table to introduce all of his magnificent creations to us.  Explaining what would be taking place if we were in South Africa.

We are now being served another wine that I find to be my absolute favorite thus far.  It is a Boschendal Chardonnay/Pinot Noir from Stellenbosch South Africa.  A golden blend that surprises you with all of its subtleties once it hits your taste buds.  A very aromatic wine with notes of fresh fruit and clean air.  Yet another wine has arrived from Table DSC_0847Mountain Vinard.  Table Mountain is a well-known and highly respected area in South Africa and its vineyard produces some great tasting wines.  This is a red that is like silk.  The aroma is magical and the taste is like an opening to a softly played symphony.

It’s time to move on to dessert.  What looks like a cheese board is dressed wDSC_0850ith a Callebaut Chocolate Soup accompanied by French Bread Sticks, Brittle, Hazelnut, and Crispy Rice.  Surely a crowd pleaser.  I envision children happily taking the bread and swirling it around the chocolate soup then rolling it in the crispy rice……  Wait that’s all of the adults around the table in awe of this creative way to end your meal with a dessert that is not only delicious, but entertaining as well.  We will also be graced with a Bread Pudding that is warm with fresh berries and creme.DSC_0849




It was very difficult finding all of the right words to describe what I experienced on this night of elegance.  The staff was so warm and welcoming and made me feel as if I would be coming back home when I visit again.  The Chef, hands down amazingly talented, and the owner has to know that he has a gem in this establishment.  Overall Cape Dutch is a hidden treasure and it was my pleasure to be able to tell all about how great of a space it is and how wonderful the food was.  I am bubbling with anticipation of my next visit and what I will have from the many options on their menu.

Many thanks to Chef Philippe Haddad

The owner Justin Anthony

The General Manager Mitch Flower


Cape Dutch

1782 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

Atlanta GA




Disclosure: I was not paid to write about this event and all words and ideas used were my own.

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