Le Dinner En Blanc Atlanta…..

Welcome to Le Dinner En Blanc Atlanta. Le Dinner En Blanc is known worldwide for its famous secret location of dining and enjoying a night of great food, entertainment and fashion that is everything WHITE….. This concept began in Paris France in 1988 where a gentleman by the name of Francois Pasquier decided that it would be a great idea to invite a group of friends to an elegant outdoor dinner and he asked that they all wear white so that they would be able to find each other amongst the crowd in the Parisian streets.  His guests would arrive in all white and they were required to bring their own tables and chairs as well as the food that they were to eat.  The tablecloths were to be all white as well as the place settings.  They would dine into the night as they poured & drank Champagne.

As the word spread about this wonderful event, many wanted to know what Le Dinner En Blanc experience would be like and it was decided that this would become and annual event that eventually spread to more than 70 cities a well as 30 countries worldwide.  The concept was introduced to Montreal Canada in 2009 and made its debut in New York in 2011.  In 2012 Singapore was the first Asian City to host a Dinner En Blanc.  Since this amazing event has spread as well as the buzz on how everyone needs to partake in this great experience.  14225434_340417159635519_1360301042857554035_n

I am truly honored to say that I too will be attending the 2017 Le Dinner En Blanc in Atlanta Georgia.  I am anxious to see where it will be held and I can’t wait to see everyone all decked out in their white gear. Some will be a little more elaborate than others and the tables will be a sight as well, as the diners enter with all of the elegance of the night in tow.  As more than 2000 guest arrive at the secret location and set up their tables, I know I will be in AWE of all of the creativity that Le Dinner En Blanc brings.1960032_650506175064697_5880023001801940017_n

This years event is presented by Helen Mitchell, Tina DeRenzis and Lisa Fisher.  Le Dinner En Blanc also acknowledges Champagne Lanson as an official local partner of the 2017 edition of Le Dîner en Blanc in Atlanta as well as Evian Badoit as National Partners.

Join me on Saturday October 7th, 2017 for Le Dinner En Blanc as I cover all that will be happening with social media post as well as video content.  Hope to see you there…….1604797_648557638592884_4228741464428538109_n

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Edith Harvey says:

    I would like to do this the next time it is available please


    1. Good evening Edith,
      the process for Lé Dinner En Blanc is to go on to the website to sign up to become a member once you have done that then you wait for a response from the team for next year’s event. They have three phases for the event and once you’ve been put in Phase 1 then you’re able to purchase tickets for the following Year’s Event.
      Best wishes
      Culinary veg out


  2. Sandi Harbor says:

    I would to become a member. How can we make this happen for me please.


    1. Good evening Sandy,
      the process for dinner on Blanc is to go on to their website and to sign up to become a member after you’ve done that it is up to the coordinators of the event to pick who they pick to come to next year’s event. Best wishes,
      culinary veg out


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