Chef Roble & Culture Drivers

Headed to a secret location to enjoy the popular flavors of Chef Roble and take in the sights of the New Infinity cars and SUV’s.  We are told not to post anything prior to the event due to it being a private invitation only.  Caren West does her thing once again.  We 22140962_1360337494088371_2128349003863932008_nare lead through the doors of a very industrius building where a small reception area is filled with the buzz & anticipation of what’s to come. 22154541_1360337584088362_4249401446392652075_n
There are servers with passing trays of hordours and Champagne.  Cala Lillies adorn the tables with softly lit candles.

We have a chance to mingle amongst the familiar faces and the ones that are not so familiar.  I met lots of great new people but now the time that we are all waiting for.  The long white curtains open up to a room filled with food stations and something that I have never seen before, stations of people grating beets, grinding pink sea salt and star anise, and the smashing of pomegranite that has been frozen by way of hot ice. 22196374_1360337134088407_1238539469733389223_n

There are high top tables everywhere as well as lounge seating around the room.  The DJ is playing tunes that everyone can enjoy and the bar tenders are pouring bourbon, vodka, and wine.  Cameras flashing all around and people in awe of all that there is to take in.  I am a little overwhelmed with not knowing where to start first.

I notice that there is a station that has grilled cheese sandwiches that is made from the huge wheel of parmasean that is being carved at a station next to the table.  I decide to have at this first.  As I browse the room I see paella, chicken and waffles with mashed potatoes, and skewered scallops and chicken with a pretzel stick skewer. 22141123_1360337167421737_9013657322758427192_n

I grab lots of great pictures and videos.  I sit to eat and meet more great people at my table.  I continue to look for Chef Roble, and he is nowhere to be found.  There is a beautiful red two door coupe.  The Infinity Q60 so sexy with its buttery leather seats and candy apple red coat smiling for the many cameras that are admiring its beauty.  Many will come and go as well as take a sneak peak of its features.  Others will sit behind the wheel imagining what it feels like to take off in this wonderous machine.

As the evening begins to come to an end, we make our way back out to the reception are to see three dancers up on platforms twirling to the tunes of the DJ.  There is a three piece brass band that begins to adlib to the music being played.  I see a dessert bar and another Spirit bar that is stocked with some of the best cognacs.  What an amazing night, and Many thanks to Culture Drivers, Chef Roble, Urban Daddy and the amazing talent of Caren West and her team.  I look forward to many more elegant events like this in the near future.22141122_1360337650755022_6158462127211922793_n

For more coverage on this amazing event click the links below and check out the videos:



Flaming Parmasean

Pom Crush


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