Kouzina Christos

40 years of excellence does not come by chance.  Kouzina Christos is owned and operated by family who have kept the tradition of great Greek food in existence.  My passion for good Greek food surpasses most.  The Tsaziki sauce, Pizza’s with Feta, oh and lets not forget Baklava………

November is coming upon us quickly and the deadline is approaching for my Atlanta Passbook.  A book filled with great deals on local Atlanta restaurants.  I am in Marietta and I decide to browse through the book and come across Kouzina Christos and decide why not!  Parking is great, which is always a plus for me.  I walk in to a gentleman playing Greek island music.  Very authentic…… I am escorted to my table and given a menu.  I don’t have to look long before I come across on of my favorite dishes.  I choose the Falafel plate.  I have also decided that I would love to try a Greek beer.  Being a craft beer lover, I can’t believe that I have yet to allow a Greek beer to tease my palate.22729132_1375423169246470_1545193819091788413_n (2)

My beer arrives and is poured, I take one sip and instantly I am in love with the smooth taste of this Greek Lager.  Shortly thereafter my food arrives and to my surp22730507_1375422455913208_999732941135625456_n (2)rise, the Falafel comes in a patty not the traditional balls that I am used to seeing.  This makes me happy!  A menagerie of Falafel patties on a bed of slaw that is made with their in house Tsaziki sauce, topped with Tomato, Cilantro drizzle, more Tsaziki sauce, Red onion, and Feta, all resting on a soft Pita.

I grab my knife and fork and dig in.  The Falafel moist and full of flavor makes this dish definitely a favorite.  I finish off my beer and decide that I need to head out for I have a long trip home.  As I am leaving, the owners son Dimitri Giannes stops me to offer some Baklava and we talk about the history of the restaurant and how much I enjoyed the food.  I will be back in hopes to meet dad…….

Many thanks to Dimitri and his staff for a wonderful surprise of authentic Greek food.  I 22552400_1375423219246465_5409741128657428636_n (2)will be back for another FIX and more great food.



BdUiaHFH  Mr. Christos Giannes the second generation owner of Kouzina Christos

Kouzina Christos can currently be found on FB @KouzinaChristos

the restaurant is in the process of re-branding and will have updated Twitter as well as Instagram sites up and running in the near future

Please check out their menu and stop by for a bite whenever in the area and tell them that Rochelle with Culinaryveggout sent ya……….

Disclosure: I was not paid nor persuaded to write this post.  All that is written are my own opinions.22687521_10155256810279401_2926576959719949500_n (2)

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