Taste of Atlanta 2017

What an AMAZING event that features so many great food venues as well as restaurants from the Metro Atlanta area.  If you have not had the chance to experience The Taste of Atlanta, mark your calendar for next years event, you will not be disappointed.

This years event couldn’t have been held on a better day.  The sun shining bright down on the park coupled with a soothing cool breeze.  Being Vegan ,I start off by searching for booths that may host some Vegan options.  There are several, but I can’t help but to visit those that are so beautifully dressed with things that make everything edible appetizing.

I visit several booths, Smithfield would be the first.  All decked out in all that is pork.  From the Bloody Mary’s with candied bacon skewered, to the ham and egg breakfast DSC_0002 (2)sandwiches. To the photo op with a huge stuffed pig.22728667_10155255689759401_953937699438971428_n

I take a stroll through the park and come across a gentleman who has samples of Fried Rice that he is offering to all who pass.  Shrimp fried rice to be exact….

DSC_0017 (2)

I see a line that appears to be endless, and it turns out that it’s doughnuts and everyone DSC_0023 (2)there is looking to satisfy the sweet tooth within.  An array of doughnuts that I have never heard of.  Oh! Look there is more bacon to be had……



Well if I’m going to satisfy my sweet tooth then I might as well continue the trend.  In the distance I see yet another long line of patrons anticipating the sweet taste of cupcakes…..


I decide to travel up the hill towards more vendors that have amazing smells permeating the air.  I arrive at a Tea House22780288_10155255138029401_4443337601877188719_n




They offer hot as well as chilled mixed tea drinks that look delicious.


With Pizza being a great weakness the last thing that I need is to stumble across a wood fire burning pizza oven that’s producing what looks like several types of freshly made pizza by the minute.DSC_0032 (2)




“Your Pie” offers freshly wood fire oven baked pizza’s.  Hot off the press with the dough cooked to perfection, so crispy and delicious.


I head on over to the Almond Breeze station that has samples of ice cream made with almond milk.  So creamy and smooth……..

DSC_0028 (2)

I see what looks to be a vintage truck but is actually a booth filled with Welches Grape juices that have coconut water infused for optimal hydration.  I decide to sample this grape drink not being a fan of coconut water.  I sip and discover that this is AMAZING.  With not a hint of the coconut water taste, this one is a keeper.  Great for at home cocktails that will allow you to stay hydrated while sipping on the dehydrating factors of alcohol…….


Soon I will come across a booth that has some vegan and vegetarian options.  A


pineapple taco, something that I had yet to try and it turns out that it was not so bad.  Sweet with a tangy slaw that brought it all together well.




More tasty treats to be had courtesy of Seasons 52.  Small bites with huge rewards…….


Oh! And how could I forget that Nissan graced us with their pressence and offered everyone there a chance to win a new and shiny Nissan Titan or a Nissan Pathfinder.  Wish me luck……..








Overall the Taste of Atlanta was a rewarding day filled with lots to see and be had.  Tasting is an understatement when it comes to all that this event has to offer.  Next year I will be anxious to attend in anticipation of what The Taste 2018 will have for me and my taste buds………  Hope to see you there with your appetite in tow.

Many thanks to The Taste of Atlanta and capitol One for hosting this awesome event….


Disclosure: I was not persuaded to write this post nor was I compensated in any way.  All views are my own……

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