The Rye Hostess at City Winery

Welcome to City Winery and the Rye Hostess Maureen Petrosky.  Since the City Winery was built, I have wanted to enter through the doors to see what all of the talk was about.  Tonight I enter through the doors of their Speak Easy to dimmed lights, tea lights twinkling and Jack DaniDSC_0030 (2)els being poured.  Each table as well as the bar are dressed elegantly with flowers and eucalyptus.  The aroma of the whisky paired with the flowers is magical.  Maureen introduces herself and proceeds to draw out attention to the monitors that will show a brief video of what she does and how all of this came about.

I mingle with some of my fellow bloggers and we are soon instructed to proceed to DSC_0041another room.  We walk down a long hallway lined with brick walls and arrive at yet another beautifully decorated room with many boards of Charcuterie, and another whisky cocktail.  We are seated at our tables and Maureen begins to speak on the ins and outs of planning an intimate gathering and what cuts of meats along with pickled veggies and cheeses could be used to please your guest.

Another video is played with information on how to create a simple yet delicious cocktail DSC_0049 (2)with whisky.  We indulge in the menagerie of meats, veggies, and cheeses.  There are baskets of a variety of crackers and sliced bread to accompany the Charcuterie board.

Everything so perfectly put together.  We eat and converse with each other, oh and enjoy our cocktails.

We leave the room to return to the Speak Easy room.  As we enter the doors we are greeted by a tray of cake pops that look like they would be suitable for royalty.  I grab a bite, so decadent with chocolate and a sugary glaze.DSC_0061 (2)  We sit at our topper to have yet another cocktail awaiting us.  This would be a sparkling wine mix with whisky.  There is a sprig of Rosemary adorned in the glass and with every sip the aroma of the Rosemary tickles my nose.

I truly enjoye the ambiance of City Winery and its Speak Easy.  Learning more about one of my favorite spirits in Jack Daniels was a treat paired with all that Maureen had to offer.


Many thanks once again to Caren West PR, The Rye Hostess Maureen Petrosky, Urban Daddy, and we can’t forger Jack Daniels Single Barrel.


You can find Caren West PR on

IG @carenwestpr

Maureen Petrosky

IG @maureenpetrosky

City Winery

IG @citywineryatl

Jack Daniels Single Barrel

IG @jd_singlebarrel




Disclosure: I was not in any way persuaded to write this post nor was I compensated.  All words used are my own……..

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