Potato Leek Soup

The winter months are upon us and Soups are a staple in my home.  My kids love them paired with a warm loaf of sourdough. I hope you enjoy making this soup as much as you will enjoy eating it.  Bon Veggetite…………



3 leeks washed and sliced into 2in pieces (be sure to cut off the dark green leafy parts)

3 large potatoes peeled and cut into pieces

1 tablespoon of olive oil

4 cups of vegetable broth

1 cup of plain coconut milk

pinch of freshly ground nutmeg

salt and pepper to taste




Heat olive oil in a large pot and add the leeks.  Allow the leeks to sweat for 5 min in the covered pot.  Add the cut potatoes and vegetable broth and allow to simmer for 5 min.  Cover the pot and continue to simmer on med heat for an additional 15 min or until the potatoes are tender.  Remove the pot from the heat and allow to rest for 10 min uncovered.  Use an immersion blender to blend the leeks and the potatoes together.  Once the soup is at a smooth consistency, add the coconut milk and stir.  Add the salt and cracked black pepper to taste and finish off with the freshly ground nutmeg.  Serve hot with slices of your favorite warmed bread………


DSC_0270 (2)



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