Tiff’s Treats

Don’t know about Tiff’s Treats?  Well allow me to give you the run down……..  Warm, soft, delicious cookies brought to your door freshly baked.  I was able to collaborate with Tiff’s Treats through The Atlanta Food and Lifestyles Blogger Society and boy was I pleasantly surprised.  I would have never thought that sheer magic could be brought to your door by way of soft and warm cookies.

When the cookies arrived it was Halloween day.  My children were patiently awaiting the delivery and super excited when the doorbell rang.  There in front of us was a large box of a variety of cookies along with chocolate and white milk as well as some cookie dough ice cream.  DSC_0016 (2)

The box in all dressed with a festive orange ribbon and a pumpkin balloon.  We accept our box of treats and decide to dig in while they are still in their warm glory.  My kids go after the chocolate chip M&M cookies, I try the Snickerdoodle.  Warm cookies melting in our mouths with every bite.  Being a vegan family, we forgo the milk and ice cream but decide to get a tall glass of coconut milk to go along with the treats in the box.

Being able to indulge in sweet treats so early in the day was exciting for the boys and they are already anticipating what cookie they will try next after dinner.

With the holidays approaching so fast, Tiff’s Treats would be a great addition to you holiday gift giving.  Whether it’s a gift card or if you surprise someone with warm delicious cookies brought to their door step. DSC_0019 (2)

Thank you Tiff’s Treats for allowing me and my family to indulge in all of your warm goodness……..


You can find Tiff’s Treats at several locations in





on FB @tiffstreats

IG @tiffstreats

Twitter @tiffstreats

DSC_0014 (2)


Disclaimer:  I was not in any way persuaded to write this story nor was I compensated……

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