Orchestra Noir Runway at the Symphony

I was so excited about attending this event.  I had never heard of Orchestra Noir until I saw a post on FB about the event that they were hosting that would include a fashion show.  I decided that I had to get there as Media and increase their presence.  After being invited as a guest, I had to decide what I would wear to this red carpet event.

The day has arrived and it’s time to step out onto the red carpet with my blogger pal Cassandra Mason AKA The Chef in Pearls.  We arrive at the venue and there are people standing in line with anticipation on all that they will see tonight.  I head on over to the media line and enter the venue.  It is very quiet in the hall but I do hear music coming from the main stage area.  I take a peek and there is a DJ playing some tunes and I look down to the floor and there I see some of the musicians tuning their instruments.

Everyone begins to settle in and find their assigned seats.  I have a great view of the stage as well as the orchestra who has been set up on the floor.  The lights dim and silence fills the venue.  A spot light shines to the front of the orchestra where a music stand and a wand await the maestro.  Soon we see Maestro Jason Ikeem Rodgers who is the founder and music director.  He picks up his wand and introduces himself to the audience.  He turns to face the orchestra, raises his wand and they begin to play.  A soft melodic infusion of violins, violas, and Chello’s.  The music so soothing and harmonic.DSC_0827 (2)DSC_0803

The lights on the stage come on and out comes the first model.  The runway soon fills with various models in amazing garments that have been handcrafted by the designers that are back stage directing the fashion show.

DSC_0923 (2)

We have been graced with an awesome surprise.  Ms. Hanna White a young violinist who has traveled all over the world to perform for many takes the stage.  Her presence so electrifying and mesmerizing.  I look around the room and everyone is in awe of how well she plays and how beautiful the sounds are that come from her violin.

Ms. Janese Jean will now take the stage and WOW us with her strong voice while singing an operatic tune for the audience to hear.

After gazing upon the beauties and handsome gentlemen who displayed the clothing that they wore so elegantly, we head to a brief intermission.  My partner and I go over some of what we have seen thus far and wait with anticipation on what’s to come in the second half.

The stage lights up once again but this time the orchestra is on the stage along with some other musicians that are on Keyboards, Horns, Trumpets, and there is even a Tuba in the mix.  The DJ that I mentioned earlier begins to play some music while the band on stage assists with the flow of tunes.  DSC_0947 (2)

Models all decked out in more fashion forward affair take on the stage.  The tone has changed a bit and the clothing is a little bit more relaxed and casual.

We will now have a chance to see the ladies that were behind all of the beautiful work that was displayed by the models throughout the show.  Designers Jenee Dionne, Arthlene Lawrence Designer, and Unisis Designs who all did an amazing job creating sheer elegance and fun wear.

I really enjoyed Orchestra Noir and the amazing fashion show.  Please keep up with up and coming events that will be hosted by Orchestra Noir and follow them an all social media.  24129731_1538319489591218_3159702039181586450_n

A Special thanks goes out to to Ms. Keisha Rodgers the Co-Founder and Operational Manager of Orchestra Noir for making this happen.


You can follow Orchestra Noir and all that were a part of the show on Instagram

Designers  @jeneedionne @arthlenelawrencedesigner @Unisisdesigns2016

Hairstylists  @couturehairbyalicia

MUA @chrissytinaco @herfancyfaces

Soloists @hannawhiteviolinists @janesejean

DJ @djtorynl

Enjoy the videos that have been added from the event…….

Orchestra Noir Performance

Orchestra Noir Runway Show


Disclosure:  I was not paid to write this post and all words that are uses are my own

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