Philips Arena

We are at Philips Arena for a viewing and tasting at the Court side Club.  This place is fabulous.  Buzzing with a great bar and tenders of the bar who know their stuff.  The food presentation is impeccable and delicious courtesy of Executive Chef Joe Schafer. with the chef

We approach the Club and before we reach the door, we are greeted by a DJ who’sblogger girlz playing the latest hits.  As we enter, two beautiful young ladies who happen to be Hawks Cheerleaders, are there to greet us with their intoxicating smiles.


We enter to an array of food, cocktails, and utter excitement that comes from the guest.  I take a quick glance around and quickly decide that I will start at the bar.  I’m told that there are craft beers as well as top shelf spirits to choose from.  I decide on Vodka with a splash of cranberry and a twist of tender

I sip on my delicious cocktail and head on over to the food to see what there is for this Vegan/ Vegetarian to eat.  There is a gorgeous salad, potatoes, as well as Rappini.  I head over to the opposite side of the bar to see a pizza oven and more of the same delights that are on the other side.




I fill my plate with great food and find a spot to sit.  I glance around the room just to spot many blogger friends.  I chat a bit to catch up and then do my best to engage in conversation with those whom I have yet to meet.




Pictures are taken, flashes are flashing, and now the crowd is silenced to welcome the CEO of the Atlanta Hawks, Mr. Steve Koonin.  He proceeds to thank us for coming tonight and gives us some insight on all that is in store in the future for Phillips Arena.

We all were given a raffle ticket for a drawing.  One lucky winner will be graced with a dinner for 10 by the Executive Chef of the court side club.  Did I win????  Absolutely not, but that’s OK because I’m winning just by being here tonight among such fabulous people. selfie

Well we have had so much fun and it’s time to go.  As we depart, we are given a swag bag with a little surprise, a bag of gourmet crickets.  Yummmmm….. I think…..

Many thanks to the wonderful PR crew at Philips Arena,Ms. Janet Smith, Mr. Max Strauss, as well as the fabulous Jalani who assisted with some great shots of me and my blogging partner Cassandra Mason.

You can find out more about all that is happening at Philips Arena by following them on all social media outlets

IG @philipsarena

Twitter @PhilipsArena

FB @philipsarena





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