Atlanta Chocolate & Art Show

This would be my second go at the Atlanta Chocolate & Art Show.  An amazing showcase DSC_0895of our talented local artist showing off so many different styles of art.  Oils, Acrylics, Graffiti, event body painting was performed this year.DSC_0928

I get so excited when this event comes.  The excitement lies in seeing local talent getting a chance to shine and then there’s the chocolate. The show is so well put together with a DSC_0892DJ spinning the night away, local vendors with crafts, food trucks, and the buzz of the crowd.

I begin to make my way through the many isles of work.  I see depictions of some of our afro-american heroes.  Rosa and Martin even Prince through the eyes of an artist. Intricate art that is so detailed and precise.DSC_0887

The music is playing and the chocolate fountains begin to flow.  The table is decorated with bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, and oreo cookies all awaiting the constant flow of the white and milk chocolate.

I grab a couple of bites and head on over to talk to some of the many artist.  I stop by what looks to be an elephant walking on the moon.  What a great depiction of what this artist had in mind.

As I continue to browse, I see some body art being constructed.  There were two young ladies that were participating.  One young lady nude from the waist up as the artist creates his masterpiece.  The other fully dressed and having her face painted.

I feel so proud as I see patrons pricing and purchasing.  This is what it is all about.  Support, support, support…….  These artist sharing what they can do with the public.  Taking time out to talk to us about the vision that’s behind the painting.

My plan is to make this an annual event and one day to purchase from these amazing artists.

You can find out more about the show and where it will be held in your town by following them on IG, , as well as FB

Thanks again Atlanta Chocolate and Art show for yet another fabulous evening out with paints, music, and chocolate.  Until next time………DSC_0924 (2)Rochelle’s clothing provided by The Cotrice Collection which can be found on IG @thecotricecollection By Zuri

IG @chocolateandart

FB @chocolateAndArtShowAtlanta

If you are interested in showing your art or becoming a vendor you can contact



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