Flavor of Georgia & Gingers BUNKHOUSE Spicy Ginger Ale

Thank you Flavor of Georgia for an amazing event and being able to meet the wonderful owners of Gingers BUNKHOUSE Spicy Ginger Ale.  I decided to feature Bunkhouse out of all of the vendors that were at the Flavor of Georgia.

I have always had a love for ginger beer so when I knew that they were going to be there, I was super excited.  I traveled through the venue to get a sneak peek of what all of the buzz was about.

There are jams, peanuts, honeys, and vinegar’s.  There were vendors with small pies that were savory as well as sweet.  Bar-B-Q sauces that were sweet and spicy.

I make a pit stop at the bar to get a glass of wine and I hear an announcement that it is time to award the vendors.  I grab a seat and see the Governor of GA on the stage.  The winners are announced and make their way to the stage.

Once the awards were all given out, we now have yet another chance to browse and taste prior to the vendors packing up and leaving.

I make my way to the Gingers BUNKHOUSE table to have a chat with the creators of this tasty beverage.thumbnail 2 (2)

Joey Tatum and his wife greet me with welcoming smiles as I introduce myself.  I inform them that I am with The Atlanta Food and Lifestyle Society and I would love to talk to them more about how Gingers BUNKHOUSE came about.  I was told that the idea for Ginger’s Bunkhouse spicy ginger ale originated from a small neighborhood bar in Athens, Georgia.  The bar’s signature cocktail, Spicy Ginger Ale and Bourbon has pleased many customers so it soon became one of the most popular drinks at the Manhattan Cafe.  At one point, the ginger ale that they used ran into production issues, so, they decided to create their own Ginger ale to continue the cocktail. In their home kitchen, they gathered a variety of different types of ginger, sugar, and other flavors, and began formulating their own homegrown soda.

It’s now time for me to sample this beverage.  I take a sip and immediately I feel the great sting that ginger beer brings to your taste buds.  I am given a four pack of the ginger beer to take home and experiment with.  I am a true lover of Whisky as well as Bourbon, so quite naturally I am excited to create my own cocktail.  I thank the husband wife team for all of the information and history on the brand and wish them the best of luck with this great product.

If interested in the cocktails that The Bunkhouse has made, you will find a couple of recipes in the conclusion of this post.

Many thanks to Gingers BUNKHOUSE and The Flavor of Georgia for a great time of food and condiments.

You can find Gingers BUNKHOUSE at joey@bunkhousebeverages.com  706-207-5564

Bunkhouse and Bourbon

Bourbon of choice (The Bourbon we use at the Manhattan Cafe is Maker’s Mark), Ginger’s Bunkhouse Spicy Ginger Ale, lemon garnish

Bobby’s Orange Blossom Special

Stoli orange, St-Germain, Ginger’s Bunkhouse Spicy Ginger Ale, orange garnish

Spiced Pear

Pear vodka, Sour (if you don’t have this—a squeeze of lemon, lime, and sugar!), and Ginger’s Bunkhouse Spicy Ginger Ale

thumbnail 15

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