Ocean Market A Parisian Theme

Ocean Market located at 489 Peachtree St. NE Atlanta is open Mon thru Fri 11am – 6pm is a great little place with a Parisian feel.ocean market 3

I was invited to Ocean Market to sit down with Chef Shane McIntosh and get more info on why the market had to close some months ago and why he decided to re-open.  ocean market

The market is located on Peachtree directly across form Emory.  There is a lot going on on this busy street.  As night falls you will see homeless people as well as dealers roaming up and down the block.

Chef Shane originally decided to close due to vandalism among other things that he had no control over.  After seeking help from the city, he decided that he was loosing business due to all of the extra curricular activities on the street.

Trained by Executive chefs from other restaurants, Chef Shane began his career in the early years of his life.  He would quickly move up in the kitchen to an Executive Chef himself to then branch off to start his own catering company as well as open his own eating establishment.

My business partner The Chef In Pearls and I had the opportunity to interview Chef Shane and learn more about his life with food as well as his family life that I have shared with you via audio in the conclusion of this post.

Now lets talk more about Ocean’s Market.  A very open and airy layout that is equipped to host events as well as Art shows.  Chef Shane told us that he features a new local artist quarterly, so for all of my Atlanta artist out there, this is for you…….ocean market 8

Chef Shane sits down for a chat and orders lunch for Cassandra and I.  I am graced with the Nuevo Faux Chicken Salad Sandwich which is a vegan sandwich packed with Steamed 5-grain tempeh salad with smoked tomatoes, celery, and onions in a whole grain mustard/olive oil dressing.   Simply delicious, he has truly captured the taste of a chicken salad without the heavy mayo or real chicken.  Cassandra will have the Smoked Turkey Club, with the house smoked turkey, thickly cut country ham, applewood smoked bacon, double stacked with crispy lettuce, fresh tomato and roasted red pepper aioli.ocean Market 5

We dig into these well thought out designed sandwiches that come with hand cut potato chips. We continue our discussion and begin to record all that the Chef has to share with us.

Soon Chef’s wife arrives and we are introduced to his second half that has had an intricate part of creating this glorious business with him.  As we conclude our visit, we are invited to see how all of this works.  Chef Shane directs us to the lower portion of the market where he has a slow smoker, a walk in for cold storage, as well as several very large rooms that house all of his catering gear.  His prize possession of this whole operation would be his loading dock.


We head back up to the eating area as we begin to say our goodbys.  We snap a few more shots and thank the Chef for his time and for sharing his journey with us.ocean market menu

Many thanks to Chef Shane McIntosh and Caren West Pr for arranging this interview

You can find and follow Ocean Market on

IG @oceanmarketatl

Twitter @OceanMarketATL

FB @OceanMarketAtlanta

Click on the link below for a short video


Please take a listen to my interview with Chef Shane

click on the link

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