STK Wine Tasting with Fairchild and Benediction Wines

Welcome to the world of beautifully aromatic wines that are paired with some of the best bites in town courtesy of STK Atlanta.  I have been invited to the Fairchild and Benediction wine tasting.  Wine that has traveled to us from Nappa Valley.

STK was gracious enough to host this amazing event and offer up great bites to be paired with the wonderful wines that we will soon be introduced to.  I am greeted by the beautiful Jacquelyn Fairchild with one of their carefully crafted Chardonnay’s.  As it pours you can only begin to imagine what will be offered up to my taste buds.  I take a sip with hesitation for fear that this will be as bitter and dry as most Chardonnay’s.  I am pleasantly surprised by the aromas that are given off instantly.  As I take another taste, I notice the subtle sweetness that you don’t usually get from a Chardonnay.  I am amazed at how well crafted this wine is.

You can only imagine my excitement as I stroll through the room to take in what other wines are offered.  Mr. Phillip Cabaud of Benediction Estates looks like he is ready and armed with more wine.    I make my way over to the Benediction wine table.  The bottle Screenshot_2018-04-08-12-35-22(1)so stoic and grand.  I am offered a pour, and I immediately smell oak and cherries among other notes.  I take a sip and find myself allowing the feel of silk make its way past my palate down my throat.  This wine is amazing…….  With reds being my favorite wine to drink, the maker did an outstanding job capturing everything that nature had to offer to this grape.  20180323_181304

I notice that STK has presented us with a spread of tasty bites like Risotto Balls, Salmon, Cuts of Beef, and a Charcuterie Tray with an array of cheeses and different cuts of meats.  I take a couple of bites of the Risotto balls and make my way back to the Fairchild Chardonnay,  I just can’t seem to get enough, I’m still in awe.

I soon notice that Mr. Fairchild has started to give the guest a little history on the vineard and the production of his wines.  I decide to take a seat, soon after the event, I will be able to personally sit down and have a chat with him and find out more about these amazing wines.

Once the crowd has disperse, I can move in an get a taste of the famous Stones wine.  The pouring begins as I anticipate yet another great wine. I swirl, I smell, I taste, and again nothing but greatness.  Clearly there has been a lot of hard work and ingenuity that has gone into growing a perfect grape to produce a sexy wine as this.  Smooth and subtle, noticeable notes, and a perfect finish of just the right hint of sweetness.835648

This has been such a wonderful experience and I truly enjoyed chatting with the Fairchilds as well as all of the guest tonight.  I have found yet another wine that I could drink into eternity.  If you are interested in experiencing these great wines, you have a limited time to do so.  Be sure to click on the link below to get a glimpse of what Mr. Fairchild had to say about the growth of his vineyard as well as the growth of his amazing grapes that produce his fascinating wines.FB_IMG_1523201427370(1)

Many thanks to Mr. Lawrence Fairchild for allowing us to take a moment to find out more about the production of his wines with an interview.  I would also like to thank Mr. Phillip Cabaud for giving us insight on the Benediction brand.  And I can’t forget the amazing Jacquelyn Hartman for being a lite that shines so brightly for the Fairchild brand.

Thank you Caren West PR for once again allowing me to experience yet another great event

You can find more information on Fairchild and Benediction wines on

IG @fairchildwines @Benedictionestates



Click in the link below labeled Fairchild Interview to hear all that Mr. Lawrence Faichild has to say about his start to now.

Faichild Interview

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