Jim Adams Farm & Table

Jim Adams Farm & Table located at 2011 Bolton Rd NW Atlanta is full of surprises.  Well thought out vegan options, gluten free treats and fresh produce as well as flowers to take home.

I have been invited as a guest blogger for a tasting and introduction to all that this quaint little place has to offer.  Located on the corner in a small strip mall.  Right across from the market you will find several plant boxes that were created for the community to use to grow their own personal produce free of charge.

Inside you will find bins with fresh produce as well.  As I browse through the store I see locally grown honey, Revolution Gelato, freshly cut flowers, a case filled with sweet gluten free/vegan treats, and then there’s the kitchen where all of the magic is created by the stores private chef.

The plan for their own farm is in the works but in the mean time, they are establishing partnerships with other local farmers to bring fresh, locally grown produce to your table.  Bread and Butter farms happens to be one of the farms that is used for freshly baked breads as well as freshly grown produce like kale.

We take out seats and chat a bit among each other.  Soon we will be graced with a freshly made garden salad packed with shaved carrots, radish, and Jim Adams version of a Thousand Island Dressing in a vegan form.  I can’t get enough of the dressing so creamy and sweet.  Along with the salad came a sample of the chicken salad that is made with vegan mayonnaise, and a Salmon sandwich.

There are two soups to try.  The first would be a collard soup that is vegan and a Sweet Potato Ginger soup.  The Sweet Potato soup so smooth packed with an amazing ginger taste.ro and cass

We are given and announcement that the store will be open for our shopping pleasure once we have finished the food.  I have had my eye on the Gelato since I walked in.  Revolution has become my all time favorite frozen treat.  Made with Cashews and coconut milk, this gelato is to die for.  I decide on the Mango flavor and get three scoops to take home to enjoy later.

My time was well spent at Jim Adams Farm & Table and I will definitely be back again.  I am so grateful for all of the vegan options as well as all of the fresh produce.Jim adams owner

Many thanks to Melissa Pelky Hass of The Atlanta Food and Lifestyle Blogger Society for the invite and to Ms. Amber Howell of dmh Public Relations for putting this together for our enjoyment.


You can find Jim Adams Farm & Table on the following social media sites

FB @jimadamsfarm&table

IG @jimadamsfarm&table

Want to have your order ready before you get there?  Just call ahead @ 404-343-0882jim adams logo

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