Road Atlanta Moto Sport Racing

Welcome to Road Atlanta where the motorcycles are racing and skateboarding is exciting.  I am here with the family to experience some intense racing with motorcycles.  I have always been a fan of racing bikes and I am so intrigued with their sleek looks as well as their speed.

I am so excited to see the skill of the riders as well as the craftsmanship of the bikes.  We arrive at the gates and immediately we can hear the revving of the engines and the speed of the bikes roaring around the track.  We park and head on over to the track to get a first hand look at the race.headed to the track

We take a seat and watch as the bikes in many colors fly around the track at maximum speeds.






We head down to the pit and see the kids zone, the half pike for skateboarding as well as a mini track for those kids who ride the mini versions of the racing bikes.




The race is over and there are three places for the winners.  The bikes arrive and are lined up according to where they placed.  The announcer begins to name the winners off as they step up to the podium to accept their winnings.











jacketsWe browse around to see pit masters working on engines and balancing out tires.  There is shopping to be had for those who are riders as well as enthusiast.  I check out allhelmets the beautiful machines that are used but look as if they were built just yesterday.  I spot a Jixer that appears to be the sexiest bike thus far.  There are helmets, jackets, and gloves also.










We hear a crowd of people right across from us that are watching a stunt rider on his bike riding in what looks like a tunnel, around and around without fail.  The kids are mesmerized with this and the adults as well.









We walk around the pit and see more racing bikes as well as cruisers and trailers that look like homes for those racers that have to travel from afar just to partake in this race.

Overall, I have to say that this was a great experience and a ton of fun.  The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast.

Many thanks to Caren West PR for asking us to attend and Road Atlanta for hosting a great event.  I have plans on attending next years event too.

You can find Road Atlanta on the following social media sites

IG @roadatlanta

Twitter @RoadAtlanta

FB @RoadAtalanta




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