Uno De 50

Uno De 50 a Spanish hand made jewelry company that is now in Lenox Mall for your shopping enjoyment.  more (2)

The beauty in this handcrafted brand is that each piece has its own story.  With its headquarters in Madrid Spain, the brand has expanded worldwide.  The designers begin the creative process with a theme that inspires each collection.  Once the theme is in place, the artist begin to work on the sketches that will assist in defining the materials that will be used for each piece.

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All of the materials are a unique alloy that has the handcrafted characteristic of the manufacturing process.  The use of leather with other materials like crystals and pearls define the brand.  All the designers begin with making a master from a specific type of wax.  From there, a mold is created where the metal alloy will be poured to get the first version of the piece.  Then that particular piece continues to be worked on by hand to give the metal the shape and texture from the sketch.

Uno De 50 currently has over 100 boutiques around the USA and continues to grow.  I was able to get a first hand look at all of the amazing handcrafted collections in the new store in Lenox.  I had a chance to browse around and while looking at all of the craftsmanship of each piece, I notice that there are lots of dragonflies.  Anyone who knows me knows that dragonflies are a favorite of mine.  charms (2)

It’s an early morning showing and the mall is practically empty.  This allows us to browse and shop without disturbance.  I try on a couple of pieces which allows me to get a feel for the weight and quality of each piece.  I find a couple that I deem favorites.  As I sip on the mimosa that was provided by the store I get a chance to talk to a couple of the ladies.  Roxanne Whittaker, the stores PR and Communications manager has a chance to fill me in on the history behind the brand as well as more about the creator.  I find out that the creator is also a visual artist and notice that some of his pieces are displayed on the walls of the store.

I am so very impressed with this brand and will be purchasing a couple of pieces to show off before the beach weather hits.  I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO Mr. Jason McNary Raponi to whom I was able to chat with for a moment.  He is a very popular man……  He is very proud of what this brand stands for as he should (2)

It’s time to leave and to my surprise, we are graced with parting gifts.  As anxious as I was to open the beautiful red bag and reveal what treasure was inside, I decide to stop and wait till I arrive home.  Once I’m home I go live on social media to reveal what’s inside.  I open the tiny gift bag to see a beautiful leather strapped bracelet with a gorgeous silver leaf attached….gifts (2)

Many thanks to everyone at Uno De 50 and Caren West PR for an amazing morning filled with lite bites, mimosa’s, and sparkles…….  Please stop by to check out all of the amazing pieces that Uno De 50 has to offer the next time you are in Lenox Mall.  You can find them on the upper level right across from the Apple Store, and tell them that Rochelle from Culinary Vegg Out sent ya……

Find Uno De 50 on all social media outlets

IG @UNOde50

Twitter @Unode50USA

FB UNOde50

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