Toast to Summer with City Winery and Chef Nick

Welcome to City Winery where great wines are created for all.  If you have never had a chance to experience this wonderful place, well the summer is a great time to dive in.  Always buzzing with concerts, wine tastings, and on occasion you might find Chef Nick on the patio smoking it up on the Big Green Egg.DSC_0879

Located next to Ponce City Market, City winery is the go to for a great lunch paired with a great wine.  It is also great for a date night or a night on the town with your girls where you can finish off the night at their Speak Easy bar located on the lower level.

The patio is warm and welcoming with tables adorned with umbrellas for those who prefer a little shade on a hot GA day.  Because of my love for wines, I may seem a little partial to this place, so forgive me.

You may get lucky and run into the head winemaker Travis Green.  Travis is so dedicated to his amazing creations for City Winery.  I had a chance to briefly chat with him while there for a Caren West PR event.  He was bubbling with information on his new creation that is six months in the making.  Travis is currently working on a Port that will grace us at the end of the year.  I can’t wait…..

The place is packed with bloggers and we start on the upper level where there are GA boiled peanuts and hummus for us to nosh on.  Prosecco is poured and I mingle with familiar as well as new faces.  I snap a couple of photos and we are soon taken to the first room on the upper level where there are huge steel drums of wine in a very cold room.

We are given a brief synopsis on how the wine is made and why the room has to be at a certain temperature.  Travis goes on with great information and you can see that twinkle in his eye that shows how much he loves making wine and educating us on it as ed

It is now time to head down to the lower level.  We walk through the room where the concerts are held and there is a sound check going on.  Soon the room will be filled with lots of people glancing over the menu and taking in the many varieties of wine that is offered.  We are taken to yet another room where more wine is created.  The aroma is decadent and the wine barrels are beautifully lined with hues of dark as well as light reds that have seeped through the oak.  I am in heaven.

We take in a little more knowledge and soon head on over to another room that is lined with concrete floors and more steel barrels filled with wine.  There are several tables that are beautifully set, a bar, as well as two tables adorned with the tasty creations of Chef Nick and his crew.  We find our seats and line up at the bar while the staff put the finishing touches on the tables.

I decide on the Summer Rose, filled with notes of fresh summer fruits, the coolness of this exquisite wine tickles my palate with every swallow.  I make my way back to my seat as the General Manager William Baber introduces Chef Nick and his spread.  The time has come for all of us to indulge into what is waiting for us at the tables.  Three different flat breads, a summer salad with peaches and pecans, hummus, Asian noodles with tuna, buttermilk fried chicken, smoked salmon and grits, and as if this is not enough, while eating an announcement is made that Chef Nick will be back with some of the Brisket that he has been smoking for hours on the Big Green Egg on the patio.

I eat, I drink, and I take in all that I have been blessed with tonight.  Great people to fellowship with over great food.  Now that we are all stuffed, we gather to take a trip to the Speak Easy Bar that has a game of Trivia going on.  We are graced with yet another summer refreshing cocktail made by the wonderful as well as talented bar tenders of City Winery.  Chef Nick joins us along with William Baber, and we all talk and get to know each other a little better. Soon we will find wine bags at our side filled with City Winery goodies.  A bottle of Chardonay, a container of caramel pop corn, a swagcomplimentary ticket for 2 to a show, and last but not least, a pass for a wine tasting.  Thank you City Winery for being so kind to us.  I decide that I would love to know more about Chef Nick and ask Caren West if she could set up a personal interview with him.

A couple of days pass and I find myself back at City Winery on a Tuesday afternoon for an interview wit Chef Nick.  The Dynamic Duo is here, me along with Cassandra Mason AKA The Chef In Pearls and we are ready.  We meet up with chef and head to the lower level to what appears to be an office/personal dining area.

I set up my camera, ready to record.  Chef Nick graces us once again with some great bites as we begin our interview.  I am so grateful that he was able to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us and allow us to pick his brain.  He shared lots of great things with us that I would love to share with you.  The interview is attached at the end of the post.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed sitting with him and chatting it up.


I would once again like to thank Caren West PR for yet another amazing event

Chef Nick Anderson for a great meal and interview

Travis Green for enhancing my wine senses

William Baber for having us

and a huge thank you to all of the wonderful City Winery Staff for being so great at what you do on a daily basis

Follow City Winery on FB for all of up and coming fun events @citywineryatl or go to




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