Taste of Conyers

On Saturday May 5th I attended an amazing event, The Taste of Conyers.  We were invited to be judges and this was an honor.  We were blessed with a wonderful day and the streets were filled with food vendors and locals.  intro

Our first stop was at a Kona Ice where the husband and wife team of this flavored ice truck work their magic.  I had a taste of the Pina Colada ice that had a good flavor but a little too sweet for my taste buds.  I feel like my kids would LOVE this truck……23

Next stop we are in for a treat, we are tasting chocolate with Tempt Deserts.  Chocolate makers that have a gift of fusing the great taste of fruit into decadent chocolate.  Chocolate bars, and truffles oh my……20

Awake Coffee is next on our list.  This vendor is buzzing with excitement.  All of the excitement is about the Kombucha that they have introduced.  The coffee was right up my alley

The Chocolate Bar looks delicious.  Rice crispy bars that are covered in chocolate along 13with decadent chocolate covered strawberries all dress in white and milk chocolate.

Krazie Wings is filled with sauces.  Wings everywhere with blankets of sauce.  Since I am not a chicken eater,  I did get a chance to sample of the sauces.10

Taco’N Madre has authentic home made corn tortillas.  Pulled pork and Pulled chicken with a tangy slaw2

Horatios Healthy Cuisine.  Run by a Mom and Son team.  Wraps, Tacos, and even veggie plates.  I loved this vendor.  There was a drink that he served that had ginger in it and it was very refreshing.

The university of GA has a team of people that are all about healthy eating.  We were treated with what they called Rainbow Wraps, filled with carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes and corn.

Nana’s Chicken N Waffles is well known all over GA

.  I have heard so much about this place and now it’s time to see what all of the hype is about.  I try the waffle without the chicken that is covered with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel.  If you have a sweet tooth, this would be heaven for you.

Sweeter than Honey Cupcakes has a table that is beautifully dressed with mini cakes and cupcakes.  We decide on the 7Up Cake and it is absolutely delicious.

Gene-O’s is all about sauces.  BBQ, Salsa’s, Relish, Butters and more.  3

The Bistro has a little bit of any and everything you want.  I tried their famous White Chocolate Bread pudding.  Not too sweet and just the right amount of white Chocolate

The Whistle Post Tavern has crab cakes ready for us to devour.  Moist and delicious.

Kiki’s Katering is our last stop of the day.  We walk up to a huge pot of spinach and crab dip.  The ladies are so warm and welcoming and the dip is amazing.1

Many thanks to the City of Conyers for a spectacular event and thank you for thinking of having us as judges.  I really enjoyed every moment of it and look forward to next years event.

You can find all of these wonderful vendors & Restautrants in Conyers Georgia

Below you will find several videos from the event, enjoy……







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