City Winery Presents Iconic Women Winemakers

City Winery welcomes me once again to yet another fabulous event. Iconic Women Winemakers, takes us around the world in search of some of the best wine created by women.  Quite often we immediately think of men when it comes to the making of wine.  Why? I really don’t know when women have created many great things wine being one of them…….

Tonight we will travel to California to meet Pauline Lhote of Chandon.  She has allowed us the pleasure of tasting her Brut Rosé.  This wine will dazzle your taste buds with wonderful bubbles that dance around in your mouth.  A great addition to a hot summer day.









Next we head on over to France for a taste of Bourgogne Aligoté created by Lalou Bize-Leroy of Domaine Leroy.  This wine blew my mind…. Full of flavor yet a very light bodied wine.  Notes that would give you the impression that it was a Chardonnay but the smooth and somewhat fruity flavor let you know that this wine was designed to change the hearts of those who do not enjoy the bitterness of a Chard.  Paired with one of Chef Nicks 1 (2)(the Executive Chef of City Winery) mouth watering dishes, the Summer Farro with spring vegetables, tomatoes, pea leaves, and savory yeast.








We are back in Atlanta with Faith Drew of City Winery Atlanta.  Faith has created the SS Chardonnay 2017.  Smooth & semi-dry with beautiful hints of all that is summer.  Faith gives us a little history on what made her become not only a wine lover, but also a winemaker.  I enjoy every sip of this Chardonnay which leads me to purchase this fabulous wine.  I am now truly a believer in great tasting Chardonnays.  This wine will be 3 (2)paired with fresh Georgia grown summer peaches with pecans that are locally grown as well.





It is now time to head on over to Spain where we are introduced to an Albariño 2016.  Created by Katia Álverez, of Bodegas Martín Códax.  With Reds being my favorite of wines, this red is like silk sliding down my throat.  I immediately pick up oak, cherries, and a woodsy feel.  This fine wine will be paired with City Winery’s 6 (2)own Pimento cheese.











Italy is our next stop where we meet Señora Elisabetta Foradori of Foradori.  She has perfected the Teroldego 2015.  This exquisite red is so popular in Italy, that it is next to impossible to find.  We are told that in order to find it here in the states you have to search high and low and even then you still might not find it.  I take my first sip and I 5remissness from my days in Tuscany in the cellars of several vineyards around the country of Italy. A robust feel to the palate yet kind to the nose as you drink.  This wine was paired with olives and sun dried tomato.




Our last stop is in South America where we try the Crios Malbec 2015 of Susaña Balbo Wines.  This Iconic Women Winemaker is Susaña Balbo.  Another amazingly smooth red that I like but not in love with.  Spanish wines tend to be a little too dry for my liking, but this Malbec has hints of sweetness that lend to a wine that is easy on the palate without giving you too much dryness.



What an adventure it was to be able to have had a chance to have sampled all of the amazing wines at City Winery.  Many thanks to Caren West PR and Lauren Klopfenstein for making this happen.  I would also like to thank Ms. Faith Drew of City Wine Wineries  for introducing us to a great wine that we can purchase locally.  Thank you once again Chef Nick for the amazing food that was paired with the wine tonight and last but certainly not least to City Winery for hosting  yet another amazing event.

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