Diner En Blanc 2018

Welcome to yet another year with  Dîner En Blanc.  An amazing concept that began in 1988 when François Pasquier invited a group of his friends to an elegant outdoor event asking that they dress in all white.

diner en blanc 5

Well as the tradition continues all over the world, we were also celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dîner en Blanc as well.  How I would have loved to have been in Paris earlier in the year to celebrate amongst all of the Parisians.

diner en blanc 2

Once again we await information for the secret location.  As media we are offered the opportunity to know prior to all of the other guest.  I arrive at the Gathering Spot and hear the sweet sounds of Cello’s and Violins playing.  As I passed the band stand I see Orchestra Noir on stage.  I have had the opportunity to see them in the past, so quite naturally I am excited to see that they will be gracing us with their music throughout the night.

The guest begin to arrive.  As I watch from the media lounge, I see a sea of white with tables, chairs, food, and all types of decorations in tow.  Everyone has a smile on their face with anticipation of what’s to come



Tables are being set and decorations displayed.  I decide to take this moment to walk around to see how creative the participants were this year.  I return to the media lounge, and light bites are being served.  The Champagne has arrived and is now being poured.  All of the bloggers that are in the lounge exchange names as well as social media handles and toast to the night of festivities.



The sun offers us a beautiful sky of pinks and purples as it sets.  Tables all around are let with white decorations and the stage is lit as well.  The Orchestra has left the stage and the DJ sets up to soon spin classics as well as hip hop.  Everyone has waived their napkins marking the time to begin dining.  Dinner has been served and eaten and it now time to party.diner en blanc 6

The DJ fills the air with great music as everyone makes their way to the dance floor.  This happens to be my favorite part of the evening.  I dance until I decide that it is now time to retire.

Many thanks to Dîner en Blanc for yet another amazing evening of dining and Champagne pouring.  I would also at this time like to thank my blogging boo The Chef In Pearls for joining me and being my partner in crime at all event around the ATL.  Thank you to Ms. Desirae Jones for working so diligently in making sure that we were able to attend and have a great night.

diner en blanc me n cass


click on the links below to enjoy some video footage of the event


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