Bar Margot

Welcome once again to Bar Margot…… This post is very important to me.  Last year The Chef in Pearls and I decided to host a No Kid Hungry event where we contacted several people around Atlanta who happen to be artist.  Two out of many where Chef LaSheeda Perry the executive pastry chef of Bar Margot and Michelle Lebowitz formerly with M2 PR firm.  LaSheeda graced us with one of her signature cheesecakes while Michelle offered a gift certificate to Bar Margot.  We had a silent auction for all of the items that were donated that night and all of the proceeds went to No Kid Hungry.


A close friend bid on the gift certificate to Bar Margot and decided to take me along for and amazing dinner that would end with delectable deserts from the Executive Pastry Chef herself.


If you have yet to experience Bar Margot, you are in for a treat.  The atmosphere is warm and cozy and the service is impeccable.  We start off with cocktails.  I have what has recently been placed on the fall cocktail menu.  It arrives in all its glory of a festive red hue topped with a raspberry.












We look over the menu and decide on Prawns, flash fried okra, & crab toast.  The okra arrives  partnered with sun-dried tomatoes, fried capers, and popped sorghum.  This small plate will change your entire opinion of the traditional slimy okra that you knew from childhood.














I make my way across the table to the prawns that are cooked to perfection and the crab toast that has an avocado coulis, veggies that are grown on the rooftop of the Four Seasons Hotel and radish.

My entrée will be the Pappardelle, with seared sea scallops, blistered tomatoes, shaved asparagus, and lemon.  The pasta so tender and buttery while the scallops melt in your mouth.


We chat, and allow our ears to enjoy some of the classic tunes from the eighties that the DJ is playing and continue to enjoy our dinner.  Our server has come to the table to offer up some wines.  I choose white tonight although red’s are usually my first choice.

LaSheeda comes out to sit and chat a bit before it’s time for her to go back to the busy kitchen.  I thank her for allowing us to have a moment of her time and we begin to discuss the new fall dessert menu.

Soon after LaSheeda leaves the table, we are graced with a menagerie of sweet treats. Baked Alaska which takes me back to my childhood of taking cruises with my aunts and having Baked Alaska at the Captains Ball.  Biscoff Cream Pie, if you are not familiar with Biscoff, it is that gingery sweet cookie that you may have been offered on a Delta flight.  Well Chef Perry decided to create a dessert of bourbon banana moose, caramel and chocolate sauce with these crunchy delights.  Oozy Dulce De Lehce Cake and last but not least, Pumpkin Biscuit with roasted pear, and pecan pie ice cream.














If that wasn’t enough, I was graced with an amazing port to tag along with the desserts that were just presented.

This night had overall everything I could have wanted and more.  Many thanks to M2 (M-Squared) Public Relations, Executive Pastry Chef Lasheeda Perry, Chef Michael Patria and the wonderful staff of Bar Margot who took such great care of me during this amazing dining experience.

If you enjoyed the story along with the mouth watering pics, please make your reservation today…  Bar Margot is located at 75 14th st NE Atalanta, 30309 in the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta.  You can call in your reservation at 404-881-5913 or visit them online at

Thank you Danielle Manuelle for choosing me as your dinner date


Wait!!!!  Did I almost forget to mention that I did run into Sir Charles Barkley to end my night off right……..



Please enjoy a few more videos of the beautiful display of menu items from Bar Margot



















Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post nor was I influenced.  All words written are my own…….

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