Four Roses and the Black Bourbon Society

Welcome to the Black Bourbon Society a tiered membership organization open to everyone who enjoys premium spirits.  I stumbled across this through an invite with the Atlanta Food and Lifestyle Society.  The event was held at The Parlor in Castleberry Hills, a quaint little bar hidden from the public although very noticeable due to the bright pink door. black bourbon

I’m so excited to attend because Bourbon and Whiskies happen to be my most loved of all in the spirit world.  I walk into a warm room of people that look like me.  I am greeted by the founder Ms. Samara Rivers and given a ticket for a spirit of my choice from the menu that has been created just for tonight’s event.  I head on over to the bar that is crowded with members as well as patrons who are considering a membership.  I order my cocktail which is the Boulevardier that has been carefully crafted by one of the bartenders.  Just from the first sip, I am please with what my palate has encompassed.

Black-Bourbon-Society 2

There is a representative from Four Roses Bourbon who begins to tell us a little history behind the brand and the spirit.  We all listen intensively as he tells us when and where the birth of the brand took place as well as the history behind the family of this incredible spirit.  We begin to sample flights of bourbon and there are 3 in the line up.


I watch the crowd as they sip, it’s interesting to see the many facial expression that take place as patrons sample.  There are looks of extreme pleasure as well as disdain.  I begin to wonder if some of the samplers have ever had a good bourbon pass their lips.

Once we have had our lesson on the logistics of Four Roses, Samara captures the attention of us all by tapping on her bourbon filled glass and ask that we silence ourselves so that she can continue to announce what she has in store for the remainder of the year for the members as well as those who are interested in becoming a member.

All eyes are on her and all I can think about is how do I become a member.  She announces that there is a trip coming up in late September to New Orleans for a tasting and the reveal of a new Bourbon that will grace the society.  This sounds so exciting and I now know that becoming a member is a must.

We begin to wrap up the night with trivia questions and give away’s.  I mingle and meet great people that I would not mind sipping great bourbons with in the future.  I leave with some great parting gifts with anticipation for the next event.

Many thanks to the Black Bourbon Society, Four Roses Bourbon, as well as The Parlor in Castleberry Hills.


You too can become a member of the Black Bourbon Society by visiting their site or following them on IG @blackbourbonsociety Twitter @blackbourbonsoc


Find more information on Four Roses Bourbon at

Please visit Parlor on FB @parloratlanta IG @parlorden or you can find them on the web at



parlor den

Pictures of Samara and the Black Bourbon Society logo courtesy of Black Bourbon Society website

Picture of the Parlor logo courtesy of their Facebook page


Photo courtesy of Erica on IG @e_mortal_

I was not paid to write this story and all content are my own words……..

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