Purple Corkscrew

Welcome to Purple Corkscrew, located in downtown Decatur.  This energetic black owned, yes I said “Black Owned” wine shop is a diamond in the rough.  I discovered the store through a mutual friend who happens to be an employee there. IMG_2209

My first Purple Corkscrew experience was a tasting in the summer of 2019.  I arrive and immediately notice the buzz.  Everyone is excited about this tasting because Orchestra Noir will be here with a quartet that will grace us with some amazing sounds that will embrace our ears with strings and a solo by way of the piano that is located in the main area of the store.


This will not be my first Orchestra Noir experience, but none the less I am excited. I enter the small but quaint main room of the shop and I’m immediately taken in by the decor of corks with a purple hue at one end as well as art that has encompassed the walls all over.  There is a room tucked away that offers seating as well as light bites for the tasters here.



We begin the tasting with wonderful Champangnes, and gourmet fries.  I receive my first glass of Champagne that has been carefully poured.  The room is now silenced as we focus on the teachings of the Champagnes that are presented.  We are able to pair these Champagnes with the delectable bites of several different types of potatoes cut to perfection then cooked with an accompaniment of toppings.


I head outside to bask in the warm sun with my glass of wine.  I am not a stranger to anyone , so I begin to chat with some of the guest that are here.  We exchange names as well as stories of our mutual love of wines.  Soon we hear melodies taking over the room and talking in the air.  We all make our way in to witness this quartet of young men and women that look like me.  The sounds are familiar, as I listen I reminisce back to my childhood to my father playing albums of Etta James.

Orchestra Noir (click on link for video)

orchestra noir  

I sway back and forth to the many tunes that are being played and find myself finishing the wine in the glass that I have been clutching to during this memorable moment.


As we bring the celebration of the shops 8th anniversary to a close, a special bottle of Champagne will be opened to commemorate.

Purple Corkscrew Champagne Toast (click on link to view video)


As time goes on, and the year progresses to an end.  We soon enter 2020 and I head on over to the Purple Corkscrew for yet another amazing wine tasting.  This tasting will feature South African Wines from several regions of the country.  I am always super excited to learn about new wines.


When I arrive, the room is already standing room only, but that doesn’t stop the showcase.  The atmosphere is electric as everyone congregates to settle in to begin the tasting.  The sommelier presenter has made many trips to South Africa to get an authentic experience of the vineyards that are producing these wines.  We were taught about regions that the grapes were grown, the temperature which they were grown in, as well as production methods by Mr Warren Luckett with Branwar wines.

Mr Luckett teaching (click on the link to view video)

A Perfect Pour (click on the link to view the video)

As we begin to taste, I notice that one of the wines is a Chardonnay.  Oh no!  I am not a fan of Chardonnay but I have to try it because one thing that I have learned is that there are so many wines that have grapes that are grown that present a different taste as well as aroma.  I swirl the wine, I smell the wine, and now to taste the wine,  WOW!  Is this really a Chardonnay?  The taste is wonderful, so smooth that it quickly reminds me of a pat of butter spread over a piping hot slice of bread.  I can’t believe it, this has to be the second glass of Chardonnay that I have loved not liked since my history of tasting wines.

A beautiful display of South African Wines (click on the link to view the video)


By now I am so impressed and now definitely more knowledgeable of South African wines and what they represent.  Purple Corkscrew is a must for all wine enthusiast.  I have made new friends, created new business contacts, and adopted a great place to purchase amazing wines from all over the world while patronizing a black owned business.

Please take my advice and check this place out.  The next time you are in downtown decatur, make it a point to stop by and say hello to Ms. Steffini Bethea the Owner extraordinaire, Racquel McCreary the Manager, and my good friend Tiffany McKitrick wine consultant. Let them know that Rochelle sent you and I can assure you that you will be graced with the best wine hospitality in Atlanta.



You can find Purple Corkscrew on all social media platforms as well as online:

IG @purplecorkscrewwine

Fb @purplecorkscrewwine

32 N Avondale Rd. Avondale Estates, Georgia 679-515-8232


Open Monday & Tuesday 4pm- 8pm

Wednesday & Thursday 12pm- 8pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm- 9pm


Many thanks again to the wonderful staff at Purple Corkscrew for all that you enjoy doing to educate us all on the amazing world of wines…….




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