ASW Distillery

Welcome to ASW Distillery located at 199 Armour dr. Suite C Atlanta GA 30324.  I had the pleasure to be able to attend one of their cheese and bourbon tastings.  The night started off with a hot toddy which was so appropriate and coincided with the weather that night.  They were offering up 2 types and the both of them were delicious and warming to the soul.

We had a little time to mix and mingle and take a look at all that the distillery had to offer.  While we were waiting for the tasting to begin, I was able to take a look around the facility and snap some shots of the place.  The have a variety of goods in the shop like grooming supplies for men to trinkets for dogs.  There is a sort of a speak easy room that can be rented out for private affairs but it is also used for their investors when they want to come by and relax while enjoying a glass of handcrafted bourbon or whisky.


It is now time for the tasting to begin.  Cheese and Charcuterie are available that will be paired with 5 different bourbons.  We begin with their own Fiddler Bourbon which will IMG_4451be paired with Haystack Mountain Gold Hill Goat cheese which has been aged for 12 months.  This is so amazing to me how this cheese pairs so well with the bourbon that has been chosen.  The cheese so rich and delectable paired with a bourbon that hits your palate and dances a sexy dance.  As the night went on, we had a chance to pair yet 4 other tasty cheeses with great bourbons.  We were offered an amazing education of cheeses from where they originated to how they were crafted to the women who created them.  Soon after the tasting, we were offered to go to another area which had 2 other cheeses on display for us to sample as well.

click on the links below to watch a video

cheese education  

the master


It is now time for a tutorial on a cocktail that will follow us to the distillery area where the magic is made.  We were graced with a Whisky Ginger that was absolutely delicious.  We now head on over to where the spirits are made.  We take a short tour and learn what it takes to create these great tasting liquors.  We were lucky enough that our group for the night was not too large and we could go to see the copper distillers up close.  This was so exciting and educational.  I learned so much in one night about how one of my favorite spirits is created.

click on the link below to watch a video

how to make a cocktail


It is awesome to know that GA now offers not only craft beers that are made right here, but bourbon and whiskies as well.  I am excited to find out that ASW will be opening yet another distillery at Battery Atlanta in the near future.  This team of experts are well versed in their craft and love what they do and it reflects in the taste of their spirits.

click on the link below to watch a video

ASW Distillery

If you are a whisky or bourbon lover like myself, I highly recommend you check out one of their 2 and soon to be 3 locations and tell them Rochelle sent you.

Many thanks to Jim and Kelly Chasteen who are the owners extraordinaire of the business and make magic happen on a daily basis.  I will not be a stranger and will come by soon to sip on your next creation with you.


You can follow ASW Distillery on social media platforms to stay connected with up and coming events and specials

Twitter: @ASWDistillery

IG: @aswdistillery

on the web at

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