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If you have never heard of this brand, well you are in for a treat.  To all of my lovers of spirits of all kinds, 18.21 Bitters is a place that you must visit.  Located in the Ponce City Market, 18.21 Bitters is a one stop shop for all of your mixing needs.  Whether it’s a Tincture or a Shrub, you will be able to craft the best cocktails ever.  Once you arrive you will be greeted by either owner or one of their helpful and knowledgeable mixologist.  You will be offered a seat at one of the oak barrels that subs as a table to begin your adventure into the world of bitters and more.  Because we all have a unique palette, you will be asked what type of flavors tickle your fancy
whether it be spicy, sweet, sour, or all of the above.  Many options will be brought to your table so that you may taste and tantalize your taste buds with all that this aromatic place has to offer.  I have a few that are my favorites, like the Blackberry/Peppercorn Shrub which goes magnificently well with just about any red wine.  I love to throw parties and many of my friends are not a fan of reds due to their bitter nature, but once I introduce an amazing shrub into the picture it instantly becomes a life changing experience.  I would recommend making a special trip to the store, you won’t regret it.  For all of my foodies out there, there are so many things that you can do with the concoctions that these amazing women have come up with.  Reductions, additives to sauces, salad dressings, and much much more.  For all of my Bourbon and Whisky lovers, 18.21 has an array of mixers for your favorite cocktail.  Please don’t forget to stop by and tell them Rochelle sent ya!18-21-bitters-and-red-wine
Many thanks to the 18.21 Bitters team for a wonderful experience that I can share with all
Please visit: for more info on all of their products as well as drink recipes!