Restaurant Recommendations

SATTO Thai and Sushi Bar is located in NW Atlanta.  A great place to take a moment to stop and relax for lunch or dinner.  The lunch hour seems to be a popular time for the locals to settle in and enjoy an array of options from the fabulous
menu.  The Bento Box shown below seemed to have been a popular item.  Filled with Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura as well as a salad, you are sure to be satisfied with a small sample of many of the great options found on the menu.
Rolls are my typical go to when venturing into a Sushi Bar.  SATTO features showcase rolls which are rolls that are a little bit more fancy than your typical roll.  The Eruption was all dressed up for the occasion.  Topped from head to toe with dollops of creamy baked crab dynamite, this roll featured shrimp tempura, avocado, and sweet ell sauce. definitely a show stopper. Overall this was a pleasant surprise to stumble on.  Great food, Japanese craft beers and great people, SATTO is a must go to.16105711_1104390223016434_899505575352230552_n
So whenever you happen to be in the area and you need a great place to eat, don’t pass by, stop in and enjoy!