Food Reviews

SATTO Thai and Sushi Bar is located on Marietta St. in NW Atlanta.  A very elegant yet quaint place, you will feel right at home the minute you sit down.  The vibe is energizing around the lunch hour on a daily basis. While looking over the menu of various Sushi Rolls, Soups and Salads and of course the variety of Thai and Japanese beer, you can’t help but notice the chatter among the patrons as they take a break away from their busy lives to enjoy what the chef wi16106021_1104390199683103_2503414177008327444_nll specially prepare for them.

A lunch favorite seems to have been the Bento Box, filled with an array of Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura and a salad.  Enough to satisfy your appetite for a sample of many options from 16105711_1104390223016434_899505575352230552_nthe menu.

The menu also had an option called Showcase Rolls.  These rolls are all dressed up not like your typical Sushi Roll.  Featured on the right is the Eruption, a tasty combination of Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Sweet Ell Sauce, served with dollops of creamy baked crab dynamite.  An explosion of flavors waiting to happen with every last bite.

Make sure you look for SATTO the next time you are in the area.  I assure you, you will not be disappointed and the food will definitely have you telling everyone who loves Sushi to stop by.16113959_1104390243016432_6887406142534649297_n